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Birdwatching, Pastry and Baklava

1  It’s been a busy day at the bird feeders today. We’ve had a pair of chaffinches, the goldcrest, lots of goldfinches, blue-tits, coal-tits, the longtail tit family and great tits as well as the robins, our blackbird pair and some dunnocks all feasting away.

2  We had some pastry leftover at Christmas and wondered if the birds might like it. We rolled it out and rolled lots of seeds into it. It took them a while to decide that it was okay and today they’ve finished it so I’ve made them a special batch with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which they are eating with gusto.

3  I discovered a box of Baklava in the larder that were missed over Christmas. Mr S and I have been the ones enjoying them!


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