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Gylly Beach, Egret and High Tide

I had a delightful walk along Cliff Road today in bright sunshine. Unexpectedly I met a couple of lovely friends so we sat and chatted for an hour or so looking out over the sea.

Our view

I then went to Freeman’s Wharf where the lovely Mr S and daughter No1 are working on the boat. We had Cornish pasties for lunch together on the quayside and watched the Egret fishing at low tide.

Egret on the low tide mud

As I left the tide had turned and was coming in.

Reflections, tide coming in

As the workers left the yard, the tide was right up and M took this photo for me of the water lapping at the car park.

High tide at Penryn


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Screen, Misty River and Hall for Cornwall

On my walk to choir this morning, I passed this colourful screen.

Found in Penryn

The river was particularly lovely in the early mist. I was a little late to choir so couldn’t take a photo but my singing pal Jan had done so and has sent me this beauty to share.

Penryn River in morning mist, taken by Jan

We have been singing tonight at the Hall for Cornwall, at the very last event before the developers move in tomorrow to begin work on the redesigned theatre which will take about eighteen months. The key was handed over with the words from a local child, “Please look after our theatre!”
On our way home after a meal out with lovely friends, first a Badger loped across our path and later a Hedgehog. No photos, but they both crossed the road safely.

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A Planter, A Boot Scraper and A Survivor

After an uplifting singing session at the Zed Shed, I walked up through Penryn to get my hair cut. Firstly, I spotted a pretty planter with beautiful white poppies and just one orange one.

Pretty planter

Further up the road, there was a lovely old cast iron boot-scraper with a scallop shell and two fish. There were several more boot scrapers along the way which I shall collect in the future.

Boot scraper

Further still up the hill, on a window sill, was a Mexican Fleabane plant, surviving with little or no nourishment. These pretty little daisies seem to grow anywhere they can find a toe-hold. I love its Latin name too!

Mexican Fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus)


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Suffragette Songs, A View and A Marmalade Cat

We were practising Ethel Smythe’s Suffragette anthem, “March of the Women” this morning and Claire had moved on from our part to the sopranos so I went on to the balcony to take photos of our beautiful view. (See below.) Just under the balcony were pots of purple flowers in small green planters, serendipitously the colours of the Suffragettes, purple, white and green.

Purple, white and green

The view, as always, was stunning.

View down The Penryn River

This afternoon, the lovely Mr S and I went to the garden centre to try to find some Runner Bean plants. This beautiful Marmalade Cat was lounging on the counter reminding me of Orlando, the Marmalade Cat, a delightful story book from my childhood and written by Kathleen Hale,  Anyone else remember Orlando?

A Marmalade cat at the garden centre


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Bertolt Brecht, Mural and Purple Cauliflower 

Singing with the Suitcase Singers this morning lifted all our spirits. As Bertolt Brecht wrote while in exile from Nazi Germany: 

In the dark times/ Will there be singing?/ Yes, there will always be singing………

Here is a view down the Penryn River where we look as we sing.

On the way home I stopped off at one of my favourite shop, Just Delights, where they change the mural each season. Here comes Winter.

Later we were shopping and found a purple cauliflower which we have had tonight as a pink Cauliflower Cheese!


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Singing, Mural and An Angel 

After an uplifting singing session which we all felt the need of after yesterday’s vote in our House of Commons, I went to one of my favourite shops, Just Delights, in Penryn. The mural on the wall  is changed each season and here, of course, is Winter.   

 Every year I buy a new Angel for our Christmas tree and found this delightful little one in the shop. 



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Singing, Cake and Thoughtfulness

1   We had our usual singing this morning, rehearsing for our Gig tomorrow evening,  followed by a singing workshop with delicious cakes made by several members of the choir.

All that and the view of the Penryn River outside. Bliss!

The Penryn River and a beautiful yacht

The Penryn River and a beautiful yacht

I wonder where the ladder leads.....

I wonder where the ladder leads…..

2   The cakes were truly scrumptious! Thanks to all who baked.

Lemon Butter Cake

My Lemon Butter Cake

3   I love the flowers and the mosaic which cheer visitors to the hospital.

Crocuses in the hospital grounds

Crocuses in the hospital grounds

This lovely piece greets people as they enter the hospital.

This lovely piece greets people as they enter the hospital.


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