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Fur Elise, Fairies and Fish’n’chips

1  I’ve practised on the piano so hard today –  Fur Elise is beginning to sound right!

2  I’ve been collecting Fairies made by the talented Samantha Bryan for many years. This one, I commissioned for my retiring from teaching after many very enjoyable years. Fairies don’t instinctively know how to fly,you know. They need to learn and to be taught! I’ll show you more of my Fairy collection in the weeks to come.

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3  We had fish’n’chips tonight from Mac’s in Redruth – fantastic and a rare treat that was much appreciated by all.


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Eric Clapton, ColourGirlz and Daffodils

1. Started teaching myself Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” on the piano. Hard but beginning to make progress.

2.  The lovely Veronika (of ColourGirlz) is painting the woodwork in the bathroom and the utility room. It’s beginning to look really good. Just two more coats to go…..

3  Cheered by the beautiful big bunch of local daffodils in the fireplace in the sitting room. We’ve had them a whole week and they still look good.

Daffodils 10.2.2012

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Blue Horizon, Dear Friends and Pumpkin Soup

1  Coming home from my piano lesson and coming over the hill from Lanner into Redruth, the sea in the distance was so blue. For many weeks the horizon has been grey with no visible sea. Today it was glorious.

2  Had a long phone call this afternoon with Charlie, husband of my dearest friend Kath whom we lost to cancer last year (I can’t quite bring myself to say ‘widower’ Why not, I ask myself?)  He, too, is learning the piano but he’s way ahead of me! We had a really good chat about family, music, friends and he says he’s doing okay…..

3  I’ve made a lake of Spiced Pumpkin Soup this afternoon, (thanks to Maggie, for the recipe) – some for tomorrow’s lunch, the rest to freeze away. It is such a beautiful looking soup! It tastes good too!

Pumpkin ready for roasting


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Piano Practice, Toreador’s Song and Singing ‘La Serena’

1  Having been away for 5 days I’ve been missing my piano practice. Today I did an hour, getting to grips with my three First Grade pieces and really feeling good about it.

2  I heard Bizet’s Toreador’s Song from Carmen on the radio and it brought my lovely Dad straight into the kitchen. Dad was always whistling or singing and this was one he really enjoyed – and so did I.

3  I’ve been singing tonight with the Inglehearts. We went back to an old favourite tonight, La Serena, a beautiful haunting song with only two harmonies but spine chilling nevertheless, which we are going to sing in Truro Cathedral in our concert in February.

Evening sunshine on Truro rooftops

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Blue Skies, Piano Practice and Zip Wires

1  Such a beautiful blue sky this morning with the low sun streaming in through the back windows.

2  The piano piece (Grade 1) which I was finding so hard now seems easy! It’s fun to play and sounds really pretty. I’m on to the next piece now and this one’s coming together more quickly.

3  A posting on Fb today from an ex-pupil who is on a world cruise (working!) with a video of his zip wire thrill. It reminded me of our 13 zip wires zigzagging across the kloof in South Africa which was so exciting and it was me who organised it at the end of our Voluntouring in Mapoch!

Some of the children from the village, Mapoch, South Africa

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Piano, Support and Friends

1  Struggled to get a piano piece right today and started a Grade 1 piece that is really hard!

2  Having confessed to feeling ‘a touch of the blues’ yesterday, I felt the support winging my way. Thanks to you all.

3  Had friends round for dinner – a lovely relaxed evening full of gentle humour.

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Monday 7th November

1  Scraped out the condensed milk tin after making  KJ’s lime cheesecakefor the supper-with-friends on Tuesday evening. Yum! This was a wicked treat that Mum and I used to share. She could eat half a tin-ful!


2  Sang with the Inglehearts tonight. We’re beginning to prepare for Christmas and it was a real pleasure to have all the tunes and words come back into my head and to be able to help a new member get to grips with them.

3  Suddenly got to grips with the first line of the Nocturne I’m trying to learn!  Yes!

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Friday 4th November

1 Had my first piano lesson for 8 weeks! Hadn’t been able to practise much but it wasn’t a disaster.

2 I had thought it would be impossible to bring the 4 new (very heavy) bookcases upstairs ourselves and was all for calling in help from our lovely neighbours but with Mr Smith’s usual ingenuity, we got them all up without too much effort and they fit!

3 Went to the Hall for Cornwall to see comedy stand ups, very funny but the best thing was meeting a friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of months and being able to catch up.

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