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Sister Day, I BeLOnG and Chocolate Cracklets

1   I have learned this morning from Cathy that today, the first Sunday in August, is Sister Day, a day for celebrating Sisterhood. This post therefore is for my Sisters

  • Daisy, my kid sister who lives in Hawaii whom I love so much but can’t see very often
  • My lovely sisters-in-law both of whom I saw only last week at the reunion but they live far away too, in Atlanta and Munich
  • My ‘Dearest Sister’, Kath, my friend of 30 years whom I lost last year to brain cancer and who is the inspiration for this blog
  • Sibongile and Grace, sisters-under-the-skin in Mapoch, South Africa
  • All my Sisters in the Suitcases
  • All my virtual sisters in the blog world

Happy Sister Day to you all!

Painting by Daisy – a present for you all

2   From pennycoho I have collected this beautiful Award which she has invented and for which there are no rules! She only asks that we please share it with all our fellow Bloggers! Have a look at her blog for her full explanation.


3  Mr S and I had an attack of the sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) this afternoon so I made some delicious Chocolate Cracklets using my Mum’s recipe. They are just the best – chocolatey, gooey, full of raisins and crunchy! What more could a sweet tooth want?!  🙂

Chocolate Cracklets


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Lily of the Valley, Copper Sculpture and ‘The Giant’

1    The Lily-of-the -Valley that I planted last week in Kath’s memory are putting up shoots already. If you look really closely top right of the photo, you can even see tiny flower buds.

2   I love this small copper sculpture, ‘The Lost Ball’,  made by the very talented artist Jeremy Beswick.    It is one of several of his that we have and I love them all.

3    I went next door with some Nutella meringues (they were so light, the wind nearly blew them off the plate!) and in exchange had ‘The Giant’ signed by the sculptors who just happen to be our lovely neighbours.

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Well-being, Jewel Cookies and La Fete du Muguet

Well-being, Jewel Cookies and La Fete du Muguet

1  This morning I woke up feeling well! It has been a horrid few days feeling the effects of all the vaccines we’ve had for our trip to Senegal, so M.Eish – no energy, cotton-wool brain, muscle pains and general malaise -so quite scary. I’ve had my share of that so it was wonderful to wake up feeling good!

2   I’ve baked some Jewel Cookies.    I found the recipe on a delightful blog by Go Bake Yourself which sent me back to for the original recipe called Lemon and Polenta Cookies. They’ve gone down very well with Mr S and Lucy.

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3  I’ve planted some Lily-of-the-valley for my beautiful friend Kath who died last year.  It is a tradition in France  to offer a sprig of lily-of-the-valley (“muguet” in French) to loved ones on the 1st of May which is a Public Holiday in France, officially known as La Fête du Travail (National Labour Day) but also called La Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day).

Kath and Charlie loved France, had a home in Meyssac in the South and not a year went by when she either gave me a card depicting the flowers or a homegrown bunch, on one occasion bringing them all the way on the train from Yorkshire when we met up in London for a few precious hours.  Now Kath has her own special place in my garden as well as, always, in my heart.


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First Shoes, Dilip’s Blog and Angry Birds

1  Delightful shopping for first shoes for Tabitha, one next week and Jake needed some too. Interesting that she was only offered pink ones and the ones for Jake were brown and green.

New Shoes

2  On one of the blogs I follow, I found the following beautiful thoughts from a Vietnamese philosopher, Thich Nhat Hanh:   “When we walk slowly, in a relaxed way, keeping a light smile on our lips, we feel deeply at ease and can feel our sorrows and anxieties drop away and peace fill our hearts. Anyone can do it. It only takes a little mindfulness and the wish to be happy.”  Thank you, Dilip. My dear Kath would have been so pleased to know of this new link with Vietnam and would have loved these thoughts.

3 Jake, 3, helped me buy and then taught me how to play a new version of Angry Birds on my iPad! The computer facility that little people have continues to amaze me!

Bonus pleasing thing for today, just found on the publish page:   ” I love words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice   Me too!


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Blue Horizon, Dear Friends and Pumpkin Soup

1  Coming home from my piano lesson and coming over the hill from Lanner into Redruth, the sea in the distance was so blue. For many weeks the horizon has been grey with no visible sea. Today it was glorious.

2  Had a long phone call this afternoon with Charlie, husband of my dearest friend Kath whom we lost to cancer last year (I can’t quite bring myself to say ‘widower’ Why not, I ask myself?)  He, too, is learning the piano but he’s way ahead of me! We had a really good chat about family, music, friends and he says he’s doing okay…..

3  I’ve made a lake of Spiced Pumpkin Soup this afternoon, (thanks to Maggie, for the recipe) – some for tomorrow’s lunch, the rest to freeze away. It is such a beautiful looking soup! It tastes good too!

Pumpkin ready for roasting


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Kath’s jug, Heliotrope and Carols

1  Brought Kath’s jug out of the dishwasher today, reminded again of a beautiful friend and of how much I miss her. The jug comes out every time we have friends round for a meal so that Kath is there with us too…….

2  Heliotrope, Lavender and Verbena Bonariensis all still in flower and it’s only 4 weeks to Christmas! And there are four more Passion flowers.

3  Singing Christmas Carols with the Inglehearts, learning the alto part for ‘While Shepherds Watched’ but missing my friend and singing mentor Jean who is still not well.

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Passion, singing and loss

1  White Passion flowers still in flower mid November and quite beautiful.

2  Singing with the Inglehearts in Troon, wonderful heartwarming peals of song but I miss the ‘phone-a-friend’ moments when I used to send my favourites to my best friend Kath who died in October.

3  Looking round at the choir tonight, all in our black-and-reds for a press release photo and thinking, “My, we scrub up well. We look good!”

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