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Cliffs, Thistle and Rocks

Our eldest daughter who lives in Exeter is with us this weekend to see M and they have all spent all day catching up. We went off to Chapelporth for high tide this evening in the Cornish mist and had a good walk up to Wheal Coates. Sadly the cloud cover is too great for us to see tonight’s super moon.  Click on any photo in the gallery for detail of the rocks that I found built into the wall of Wheal Coates or the sea.



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Cosse Violette, Blue With Orange and Hair Jewels

1   We were able to harvest three kinds of beans today – Runner, French and Purple Climbing French Beans Cosse Violette, very beautiful but sadly they lose their rich purple colour when steamed. I just love being able to pick food from the garden and being able to eat it barely ten minutes later!

Climbing French Beans

Climbing French Beans

Beans for supper

Beans for supper

2   Cornish mist was mizzling when we went out to pick the beans and the light somehow intensified the complementary colours of the blue Agapanthus and the orange Crocosmia.

Complementary colours

Complementary colours

3    L and Grand-baby B are visiting for a couple of days and joined me in the bean harvest. Grand-baby B found the mist on her face very amusing and the little droplets looked like tiny jewels in her hair.

Grandbaby hair in the mist

Grand-baby hair in the mist


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Cheeky Squirrel, Horses and Apple Mincemeat Crumble (and recipe for the scones)

1  We thought we might keep the pigeons and squirrels out by upturning a hanging basket over the bird food and clipping it down but, no!

Squirrel after the bird seed

2  The horses have returned to the field behind our house! I couldn’t take a photo as it has been Cornish misting all day but it’s such a pleasure to have them back.

3  We hardly ever do puddings these days but the weather was so grey and mizzly, comfort food was required. Some mincemeat left over from Christmas, a couple of cooking apples and come oaty crumble mix from the freezer and, in no time, a delicious pud for the eating!

and just for today……

4  I’ve had a couple of people ask for the recipe for the Marmite Scones. Here it is. The recipe says to make 8 but they must be huge! I pat them a bit thinner and make about 20 small ones. Just remembered, I didn’t have any plain yogurt in so I used Vanilla! Your choice. Enjoy!

Marmite and Red Onion Scones

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