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Singing, A Toothbrush and A Cartoon

In 2013 some of our choir walked from Lands End to St Just, inspired by the March of the Women, 100 years before, who walked from Land’s End to London demanding Votes for Women. Tonight, in the atrium of the Eco Park we sang March of the Women, conducted by our leader, Claire, using a toothbrush.

Ethel Smyth’s rousing March of the Women was composed in 1910 to words by Cicely Hamilton, with a tune adapted from a traditional Italian melody. Emmeline Pankhurst (1858–1928) introduced it as the official anthem of the Women’s Social and Political Union and it became associated with the suffrage movement more generally. Info from the British Library

In 1911 it was sung on Pall Mall in celebration of the release from prison of a number of activists. The following year, the conductor Thomas Beecham (1879–1961) apparently heard it sung in Holloway Prison, where Smyth and Pankhurst were imprisoned and it is said that Ethel Smyth conducted the imprisoned women singing at their windows, using her toothbrush as a baton.  Some of you know that my Great Granny was a Suffragette imprisoned and force fed in Holloway. I like to think she may have known and sung this song.

Two of our lovely choir members with whom I sing in the tenor section. I have permission to use their photos in my blog post.

There was a rueful smile when I saw this cartoon.

Covid rules in England say choirs can only sing outdoors in groups of no more than 30, all socially distanced. Have you seen/heard any football matches recently? 🙂


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On This Day in 1909, White Narcissi and Purple Fritillaria

On this day in 1909, my Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Wiseman, Suffragette aged 53, was arrested in London having thrown stones to break windows. Subsequently she was imprisoned in Holloway, went on hunger strike, was force fed and was awarded the Suffragette Portcullis Brooch in recognition of her courage.

Suffragette Brooch

My Suffragette garden has lots of white but the purple Tulips are lagging behind.

Some Narcissi

I shall have to move some of the Fritillaria to the front as they do flower at the same time as the Narcissi.



If you would like to read about a Suffragette’s life in Holloway, the Diary of a Suffragette makes very interesting reading. Click on the red link.


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Bouquet, American Pick-up and Cutter

A gorgeous bouquet was delivered this morning ready for Mother’s Day tomorrow.Thank you KJ, perfect colours for the year and our celebration of your Great Great Granny!

Mother’s Day bouquet in Suffragette colours

I was late to town this morning so decided to drive and was pleased that I did given that I was behind this amazing old American pick-up as we crept towards the traffic lights. Everyone who walked up West End stopped and smiled at the sight.

1959 Ford Ranchero

I made some Cheese pastry today and used my Mum’s fabulous cutter that just rolls through the pastry creating circles. I needed circles for a starter for tonight’s Birthday meal for our eldest daughter who is here for the weekend.

Circle cutter


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Hope, Friendship and Humanity

On a day like today when the news from America has shocked many, the little beautiful things all around us become even more important. They help us keep our sanity, encourage us to be kind to each other and allow us to recognise difference, to celebrate humanity and to have hope and tolerance in our hearts.

I have planted more bulbs in my Suffragette garden today, celebrating those brave women who sacrificed so much to win us the vote. They represent hope for the future too when the purple, white and green will appear in our front garden in the Spring.

 I celebrate friendship too in the making of a pan full of delicious apple purée, the apples having been given to me by a lovely singing friend.

To all my readers and friends out there, hold on to your humanity, be true to yourself and find happiness and beauty in simple things and in each other. Love to you all.


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Stamp, Ribbon and Mittens

What a delight this morning when the postman delivered a real handwritten letter from Australia, from a young woman who used to light up my English classes. She is now 31 years old and it is so lovely to hear from her.

Australian stamp

Australian stamp

A parcel arrived yesterday full of things I have ordered for Christmas presents so I cannot show you any of it apart from this bow which was attached to the inner parcel.It may give you a clue to the contents!



I have knitted something for myself for a change – a pair of mittens in Suffragette colours of purple, white and green. I used random coloured wool and was delighted when starting the second mitten, I realised that they were going to be close on identical!

My new mittens

My new mittens



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My Suffragette Garden in the Rain

The garden is drinking up the very welcome rain today and everything is glistening. My Suffragette garden has white and purple blooms and an Ivy leaf that has fallen has purple and green with a white pebble or two nearby. together.


The Hebe is full of fluffy purple flowers.



Underplanting the Hebe are some tiny white Cyclamen and I noticed the flowers for the first time today.



For new readers, my Suffragette garden is planted in honour of my Great Granny who was imprisoned in Holloway for her actions in trying to get the vote for women. She was force-fed while in prison and in another branch of the family we have the Holloway Brooch presented to all those who were so treated.


The Holloway Brooch


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New Growth, Suffragette Colours and Knitting

1. The trees have really greened up and make the loveliest living tunnel to drive through.


2. Grandbaby B is today wearing the purple, white and green that her Great Great Great Granny, the Suffragette, wore.


3. While here, I’ve just managed to finish off a new pair of boots for Grandbaby B as she has grown out of all her first size boots already.



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Mothers’ Day, Nutella Cookies and The Dragon Award

1   It’s Mothers’ Day here in the UK and I have been cheered, as always, by the love and the warmth from my lovely ‘kids’!

I’ve also spent some time, of course,  thinking about my own lovely Mum who died 20 years ago this year which is very hard to believe. She is always here with me in so many ways.  Mum always insisted that she stood 5′ and half an inch tall but in fact she was 4′ 11and a 1/2″!  We sometimes called her MiniMum and there are many occasions when I find MiniMum on my shoulder whispering her wisdoms in my ear.  She was so warm and she was one, who in the words of Thomas Hardy, ‘used to notice’ the beautiful things.  She would have loved my blog…..

Purple, white and green card

Purple, white and green card, chosen with care and a nod to our history

Silk scarf

Lovely colourful silk scarf

Flower basket

Gorgeous flower basket

2   While here for her birthday, our eldest gave me a recipe for the easiest cookies in the world and they taste good too! I’ve just made a batch of Nutella Cookies and will add them to the cakes I’ve made for Thursday’s Singing Workshop cake-break.

Nutella Cookies

M’s Nutella Cookies

3    I’ve been given The Dragon Award by Marilyn and I’m utterly delighted by that! Thank you so much. In the ensuing conversation, Marilyn said the following about my blog which pleases me greatly  –    “I love your blog. It’s beautiful. Elegant. It’s a friendly place, like visiting a good neighbour who doesn’t lock her kitchen door and always has a pot of coffee on the stove.”




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Purple, White and Green

Serendipitously, the first photographs I took today on my walk to town were one each of purple, white and green – which you will know, if you follow, are the colours of the Suffragettes and as such are part of my family history.

1  The purple of the Tibuchina Urvilleana in the front garden was quite startling this morning as there are six new flowers on this amazing plant.

2   Coming back up the hill, I saw this very small white flower growing out of a Cornish hedge, so delicate, so beautiful.

3    The moss on the hedges was a vibrant green and had numerous tiny and fragile-looking flowers, each with a drop of dew on the end, standing up against the light.

Lastly, between the stones of the hedge was this little web, all tangly and mysterious.


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Purple, White and Green

1   I had occasion to wear my Suffragette scarf today to honour an old friend. When I wear it, it’s also in honour of my Great Granny.

Facsimile Suffragette Scarf

2   I mentioned last week the Suffragette garden I’m planting. Here is the purple clematis, The President, which has only one flower at the moment. Purple was chosen by the Suffagette Movement to represent dignity.

Clematis -The President

3   We have the white and the green in the Japanese Anenome, particularly beautiful this evening in the dusky light. White stood for purity and green for hope.

White and Green Japanese Anenome


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