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Violets, Seville Oranges and Batique

1   The other day on the way home from Mylor, we saw Violets for sale at the roadside. I have my little bunch and they are very beautiful.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Tiny bunch of Violets

Tiny bunch of Violets

2   I was thinking I had left it too late to get Seville oranges for this year’s batch of marmalade but we found some today. I’ll freeze them for a marmalade making session when I have time.

Seville oranges for marmalade

Seville oranges for marmalade

3    This fish is in the middle of a big wall hanging that we bought in Swaziland many years ago. I see it every day and just love it. It stirs a wish in me to return to Africa………………

Beautiful batique

Beautiful batique, small section


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Humanist Wedding, More Marmalade and The Gig

!    A lovely happy meeting this morning with a delightful couple planning their Wedding for June.

2   We’ve made our final batch of marmalade for this year, another 9lbs, enough for us and plenty to give away to friends.

February's Marmalade

February’s Marmalade

3   The gig at the Poly tonight is in aid of keeping that venue open. Let’s hope there’s a generous audience in!

Poly gig

Poly gig

PS And this photo is us at the gig where we raised £600 for the Poly.

The Suitcases Singers at The Poly, Falmouth

The Suitcases Singers at The Poly, Falmouth



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Marmalade, Unfurling Fern and a Buzzard

1   To make room in the freezer for the party food, I took out some Seville oranges and some apple puree and , I think, invented a new Apple and Orange Marmalade. It’s delicious!

Apple and Orange Marmalade

2   Our Tree Fern is settling in and today I noticed a beautiful new unfurling frond.

Unfurling frond

3   We’ve been hearing  buzzards calling over the last few days and today saw one in the field behind our house, busy with something.  What a beautiful bird, rather too far away to get a good photo.

Buzzard in the back field


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Radio 4, Redruth and the Present of a Pheasant

1  I just love Radio 4! Today, we’ve had the delightful David Attenborough on Desert Island Discs, the inimitable Samuel Pepys and his very entertaining Diary and this afternoon, John Steinbeck’s ‘The Pearl’ beautifully dramatised. Tomorrow we are promised Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Private Peaceful’. Brilliant!

2  We shopped in a very busy Redruth this afternoon, beautiful sunshine, a lovely busker and everything we needed. I am so glad we moved back to Cornwall and especially to Redruth! I just love David Kemp’s Tinners’ Hounds!

Tinners' Hounds by David Kemp

3  Lucy came home from her trek-training on Dartmoor on Monday with a ready jointed pheasant for us, sent by Brenda with whom she stayed over. I’ve cooked it in cider as Brenda suggested and used Delia Smith’s recipe serving it, as she suggests, with caramelised apples.Lucy took homemade marmalade and Cornish Daffodils.

Pot Roast Pheasant with Shallots and Caramelised Apples

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Iris Reticulata, More Marmalade and Wheal Uny

Iris Reticulata

1  I was delighted today when Mr S spotted this Iris Reticulata in the wall today – one of my favourite flowers, so small and so perfect.

2  We made the next 10 jars of marmalade today. It was fun to know that, at the same time, John R was busy in his kitchen also listening to good music and making marmalade! Both our kitchens are full of that beautiful golden glow of newly minted marmalade!

3  Quite a late walk today up and around Wheal Uny. It was very pleasing that it was still light at 5.30pm

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Humanist Wedding, Cornish Daffodils and Today’s Batch of Marmalade

1 Had my first meeting with a delightful couple today planning their Humanist Wedding for May. Lots of lovely ideas and a really productive meeting.

2  Driving down towards Penzance I again saw fields of daffodils – so glorious and on Wednesday I bought lots from the Hayle area while in Truro and now they are all open.

Daffodils 20:1:2012

3  The first two batches of marmalade are made! It takes a while and some effort but the pleasure from seeing all the jars of deep orange marmalade and of knowing how it will be relished more than make up for that!


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Singing with the Suitcases, Marmalade Marathon and Redruth Bookgroup

1  Another fabulous session with The Suitcases and Claire Ingleheart. Today both Choir-babies and our toddler were there. It really is very special to sing, “Keep you in Peace’ with a baby in your arms gazing up at you! Thanks to Larissa for sharing Tristan. If you’d like to read the words of this beautiful song, they are below.

2  I bought the Seville Oranges for this year’s marmalade marathon. Mr S loves his marmalade and I like to make enough for him and to give away to friends. (I prefer Ginger Marmalade!)

Seville Oranges

3  It was our monthly reading group meeting at our local library this afternoon. We had very interesting discussions about the two books we’ve read since November -‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (Brilliant but not an easy read, set in Nigeria) and ‘Brixton Beach’ by Roma Tearne, a beautifully written and  powerful story, set in Sri Lanka and London. Both, we all agreed, certainly worth reading.

Keep You In Peace – Sarah Morgan



Warm be the sun that shines upon you

Soft be the winds as they breathe on you

Smooth be the roads that rise before you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.



May you have shelter in storm to hide you

May you have stars in the night to guide you

May you have ever a friend beside you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.





May you not lack for good bread to feed you

May you not lack for good hope to speed you

And, for your singing a heart to heed you

Keep you in peace till we meet again.




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