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Poppy, Shady Patch and Clematis

Our Meconopsis Poppy is about to open.


We have just finished planting our shady patch and I am delighted with it with the fountain in the middle surrounded by various ferns (including a little Tree Fern),  Bluebells and Violets and the Meconopsis which opened during the day.

The shady patch

The Clematis along the back wall is looking magnificent.

Clematis with the field and trees beyond


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First Rose, Bumble Bee Bum and Tree Fern

1   Our climbing rose has just opened. I’m hoping that the Wisteria that you can see to the left, still in bud, will come into blue blooms to be a beautiful contrast to the roses.

First climbing rose

First climbing rose

2     Just look at the pollen sacs on this bee – so full and heavy, he could barely get from violet to violet.

Bumblebee bum and pollen sacs

Bumblebee bum and pollen sacs

3   At the weekend I had almost decided that our Tree Fern, new last year had not made it despite all the watering and loving attention I have given it. Three days of really warm sunshine and here are the new growths. My friend, John, said on Monday to be patient and he was right!

Tree fern unfurling

Tree fern unfurling


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Marmalade, Unfurling Fern and a Buzzard

1   To make room in the freezer for the party food, I took out some Seville oranges and some apple puree and , I think, invented a new Apple and Orange Marmalade. It’s delicious!

Apple and Orange Marmalade

2   Our Tree Fern is settling in and today I noticed a beautiful new unfurling frond.

Unfurling frond

3   We’ve been hearing  buzzards calling over the last few days and today saw one in the field behind our house, busy with something.  What a beautiful bird, rather too far away to get a good photo.

Buzzard in the back field


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