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Bubbles, Boiling and Marmalade

I’ve spent the day making marmalade, two batches  made and one more batch tomorrow – 16 jars of varying sizes.

Bubbles on the Seville oranges

Beginning to boil

16 jars


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Yesterday’s Wolf Moon, Oranges and Pak Choi

Photo and words by Kris Meadon, written yesterday, used here with permission.

“It’s 4.30pm as this evening’s full Wolf moon rises slowly through the mist and clouds behind the fairytale castle of St.Michael’s Mount. 🌝 January’s full moon was dubbed the Wolf Moon by early Native Americans due to villagers hearing packs of wolves howling in hunger around this time of the year!”
We couldn’t see the full moon at all last night as it was far too cloudy. I went out several times to find it……   I was delighted when Kris’ beautiful photo turned up and he said I could use it.

A friend alerted me to the fact that Seville Oranges (needed for making marmalade) are in the shops for their very short season so off we went this morning to our local greengrocer’s to pick up enough for 4 batches. These are enough for one batch. I shall freeze some to make later.

Seville Oranges

Tonight’s Turkey stir-fry featured Pak Choi from our vegetable patch at the back.

Pak Choi


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Marmalade, Lily and A New Outfit

We ran out of home-made Marmalade but had 700g of Sevilles frozen so we spent the morning making Marmalade, remembering my lovely Dad, as always, as he was the marmalade maker throughout my childhood and beyond.

One of the white Lilies opened this morning – very beautiful.

The stall nearest to me yesterday was Love Betty where Kate sells up-cycled clothes, new items made from old ones and I bought one.  

The top part is bluer than it looks here, the ‘white’ panels are pale green and the whole thing, made from five items, is very pretty.


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Violets, Seville Oranges and Batique

1   The other day on the way home from Mylor, we saw Violets for sale at the roadside. I have my little bunch and they are very beautiful.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Tiny bunch of Violets

Tiny bunch of Violets

2   I was thinking I had left it too late to get Seville oranges for this year’s batch of marmalade but we found some today. I’ll freeze them for a marmalade making session when I have time.

Seville oranges for marmalade

Seville oranges for marmalade

3    This fish is in the middle of a big wall hanging that we bought in Swaziland many years ago. I see it every day and just love it. It stirs a wish in me to return to Africa………………

Beautiful batique

Beautiful batique, small section


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Singing with the Suitcases, Marmalade Marathon and Redruth Bookgroup

1  Another fabulous session with The Suitcases and Claire Ingleheart. Today both Choir-babies and our toddler were there. It really is very special to sing, “Keep you in Peace’ with a baby in your arms gazing up at you! Thanks to Larissa for sharing Tristan. If you’d like to read the words of this beautiful song, they are below.

2  I bought the Seville Oranges for this year’s marmalade marathon. Mr S loves his marmalade and I like to make enough for him and to give away to friends. (I prefer Ginger Marmalade!)

Seville Oranges

3  It was our monthly reading group meeting at our local library this afternoon. We had very interesting discussions about the two books we’ve read since November -‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (Brilliant but not an easy read, set in Nigeria) and ‘Brixton Beach’ by Roma Tearne, a beautifully written and  powerful story, set in Sri Lanka and London. Both, we all agreed, certainly worth reading.

Keep You In Peace – Sarah Morgan



Warm be the sun that shines upon you

Soft be the winds as they breathe on you

Smooth be the roads that rise before you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.



May you have shelter in storm to hide you

May you have stars in the night to guide you

May you have ever a friend beside you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.





May you not lack for good bread to feed you

May you not lack for good hope to speed you

And, for your singing a heart to heed you

Keep you in peace till we meet again.




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