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Wheal Uny, Flower and Moth

Our walk around the back today dodging the showers was a purply/ pink one – lots of heather and Fireweed near Wheal Uny engine house, pink flowers on the brambles (blackberries to pick soon) and pink thistle flowers on one of which was a beautiful black and red moth, a day flying Burnet moth.

Wheal Uny engine house

Blackberry flower

Burnet moth


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Kite, Purple Flower and Arch

A local farmer uses a kite as a bird scarer. I caught it here, early morning not night,  against the trees.

There are lots of these purple flowers along our walk on the Great Flat Lode which look like spineless thistles but I haven’t been able to identify them  yet.

Storms over the winter took our arch down. The lovely Mr S has been building a new one and today added the top to the four posts and I am delighted to have the structure back in our garden. When it is finished with its trellis sides,  we can untie the Wisteria to go over the top, the Clematis to go through the trellis and the Peaceful Garden with the bench and sculpture will become a hidden spot again.


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Golden Onions, Walk and Raw Chocolate Brownie

1   This morning the low beams of the winter sun caught our homegrown plaited onions and made them even more beautiful.

Golden onions

Golden onions

2   We had a walk around the Great Flat Lode behind our house today. There was a surprising amount of colour – golden gorse, Pink Campions, red berries and lovely green moss with ivy leaves and, on this crisp clear day, a very good blue view of the sea on the North coast of Cornwall.

3  I’ve made Raw Chocolate Brownies this afternoon for some friends on Tuesday. They are surprisingly fudgy and yummy!

Raw Chocolate Brownie

Raw Chocolate Brownie, just nuts and dates and Maple syrup, all ready for the freezer

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Baby Sitting, Wedding Anniversary and a Walk

1   We are not really allowed to call it ‘baby-sitting’ but we have had the Grandkids to ourselves for 24 hours to give their Mum and Dad a welcome break! We’ve had the loveliest time and to wake up to little voices calling, “Can we get up now, Granny?” is a delight, happening as it does, only rarely! We made Pain au Chocolat for breakfast together.

Brushing the Pain au Chocoalt with milk

Brushing the Pain au Chocolat with milk prior to baking

2  It’s our 46th Wedding Anniversary today! We gave our parents 6 weeks notice of our intention to marry and no-one turned a hair! I made my dress and the bridesmaid dress for my little sister, she of the 60th birthday a couple of days ago, and Mum and I did all the catering, except for the icing of the cake which a friend did! We were awfully young!  I wore the Family Locket, of course.Wedding Day 26th August 1967

Wedding Day 26th August 1967

3    We had a lovely walk with the grandchildren and daughter No1 today, Skype with our son and his wife in Barcelona and then a meal out tonight with family – what a beautiful day to celebrate 46 years together!

Wheal Uny

Wheal Uny

T's blonde curl against her Auntie's red hair

T’s blonde curl against her Auntie’s red hair

I'm on top of the world

I’m on top of the world


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Last Walk Together, Purple Vetch and Special Nappy!

1   The four of us had a last walk together up on the Flat Lode Trail this morning, planning our visit to see P&V in Atlanta next year!

Wheal Uny from a distance

Walking around the Flat Lode Trail near Wheal Uny

2   First sighting this year of beautiful Purple Vetch.

Purple Vetch

3   Fortunately we still have KJ and the children here otherwise the house would be too suddenly quiet! Watching Tom Daley in the Olympic diving event this afternoon, Tabitha was wearing this delightful nappy!

Love this nappy!


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Evening Walk Along The Great Flat Lode

Enjoy the walk with me!

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Iris Reticulata, More Marmalade and Wheal Uny

Iris Reticulata

1  I was delighted today when Mr S spotted this Iris Reticulata in the wall today – one of my favourite flowers, so small and so perfect.

2  We made the next 10 jars of marmalade today. It was fun to know that, at the same time, John R was busy in his kitchen also listening to good music and making marmalade! Both our kitchens are full of that beautiful golden glow of newly minted marmalade!

3  Quite a late walk today up and around Wheal Uny. It was very pleasing that it was still light at 5.30pm

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