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Singing with the Suitcases, Marmalade Marathon and Redruth Bookgroup

1  Another fabulous session with The Suitcases and Claire Ingleheart. Today both Choir-babies and our toddler were there. It really is very special to sing, “Keep you in Peace’ with a baby in your arms gazing up at you! Thanks to Larissa for sharing Tristan. If you’d like to read the words of this beautiful song, they are below.

2  I bought the Seville Oranges for this year’s marmalade marathon. Mr S loves his marmalade and I like to make enough for him and to give away to friends. (I prefer Ginger Marmalade!)

Seville Oranges

3  It was our monthly reading group meeting at our local library this afternoon. We had very interesting discussions about the two books we’ve read since November -‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (Brilliant but not an easy read, set in Nigeria) and ‘Brixton Beach’ by Roma Tearne, a beautifully written and  powerful story, set in Sri Lanka and London. Both, we all agreed, certainly worth reading.

Keep You In Peace – Sarah Morgan



Warm be the sun that shines upon you

Soft be the winds as they breathe on you

Smooth be the roads that rise before you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.



May you have shelter in storm to hide you

May you have stars in the night to guide you

May you have ever a friend beside you

Keep you in peace ‘til we meet again.





May you not lack for good bread to feed you

May you not lack for good hope to speed you

And, for your singing a heart to heed you

Keep you in peace till we meet again.




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Bumble Bee, Charles Dickens and Leeks

1  A bumble bee has been hanging around the kitchen door for the last few days. I’m thinking I should give her a little honey.


2  BBC Radio 4 are dramatising Charles Dickens’  “A Tale of Two Cities” as the afternoon play all this week and it’s brilliant – 45mins of uninterrupted listening heaven!

3  Mr S has harvested lots of our leeks today, washed all the little slugs and snails out and chopped them up (the leeks, not the slugs!) I’ve blanched and frozen lots of them and we’ve had a delicious leek and chicken risotto for supper tonight. More to do tomorrow.

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Neighbours, Friends and Family

1  We are so lucky to have landed where we did when we came back home to Cornwall – our neighbours are just the best.

2  Found the perfect button for Tabitha’s almost finished cardigan while I was in Truro

and then had coffee with Ellen from choir, lots of chat and developing friendship – perfect.

3  Both Daniel and Katheryn phoned today and had long chats with Mr S, mutually informative and helpful.


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Aromatherapy, Blue-tits and Bookshelves

1  Showered this morning with geranium, patchouli and ylang-ylang oil that  reminded me of spa days spent with my lovely Mum years ago.

2  The blue-tits are back feeding again. They’ve been very wary of the new feeder but seem to have decided today that it is okay.There were 4 there at one point.

3  The new shelving is almost ready for its next coat of paint. Mr Smith has been meticulously filling and rubbing down and it’s all looking good!

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Singing, Mr Smith and Daisy’s painting

1  A fabulous singing session with the  Suitcases learning ‘Hark, the Glad Sound’  a Thomas Merritt carol, with the loveliest harmonies that sound like pealing bells. Watching peoples’ faces transforming from puzzlement to absolute beaming joy as they ‘got’ their part was magic!

2  Coming home from choir to Mr Smith telling me, with a big grin, “Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life!”  The osteopath has fixed the problem at last after 3 weeks of treatment but four months of pain. Thank you, Joe.  (Update – 23/11/2011 The relief was short-lived. Joe is still trying to help.)


This delights me every day!  It is a wonderfully vibrant painting by my dear sister, Daisy, who now lives in Hawaii, and who is so happy in her new life. We’ve put it in the spare bedroom so that we can see it from the hall, all the way up the stairs, when we come out of the bedroom and it lifts my spirits every time I see it. Thank you, Deborah.


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