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Violets, Seville Oranges and Batique

1   The other day on the way home from Mylor, we saw Violets for sale at the roadside. I have my little bunch and they are very beautiful.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Growing Daffodils and cut Violets for sale.

Tiny bunch of Violets

Tiny bunch of Violets

2   I was thinking I had left it too late to get Seville oranges for this year’s batch of marmalade but we found some today. I’ll freeze them for a marmalade making session when I have time.

Seville oranges for marmalade

Seville oranges for marmalade

3    This fish is in the middle of a big wall hanging that we bought in Swaziland many years ago. I see it every day and just love it. It stirs a wish in me to return to Africa………………

Beautiful batique

Beautiful batique, small section


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Photo Journal of our London Days including A Wall of Poetry and The Book Maze

After a beautiful train journey (with no photos!) we had three delightful days in London with KJ and family. Lucy was there too for some of the time which was lovely.

First, Saturday, the long tube ride to Waterloo Station, then the walk to the South Bank along which we found a wall full of poems!  I so loved them, found them very moving and have chosen just a few to share with you.  Then there was the Building of the Ark, the Rainbow Park, and the Festival Hall and lunch from the amazing multi-cultural food market. Sunday afternoon in the park was yet another delight.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.


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Words, Bathroom Art and Knitting

Today has been on of those days when finding the beautiful has been harder than usual. I’ve been laid up with Yellow Fever vaccination reaction, feeling completely worn out and achey, as we were warned could well happen a week after the event. So…..

1    “The words! I collected them in all shapes and  sizes and hung them like bangles in my mind.” Hortense Calisher.  I, too, am an avid collector of words.

2  Another piece of bathroom art that I love. We brought this beautiful sculpture home from Swaziland.

Sculpture from Swaziland

3  I finished knitting Tabitha’s new shrug – now to sew it all up.


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