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Breakfast, Clouds and The Copse

1   We had breakfast with a beautiful Princess this morning!

Sausage and egg breakfast, fit for a Princess

Sausage and egg breakfast, fit for a Princess

2   The evening clouds were dramatic and the threatened rainstorm did pass over us as it moved East and we drove West.

Sunset clouds

Sunset clouds

3   Driving home to Cornwall, this copse, just before the Cornwall/Devon border,  always says we are nearly there. It is such a welcome sight as we all knowhow good it is to head home  –  “No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” Lin Yutang

The Copse

The Copse


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Natural History Museum, Static and Karate

1. We took Grandbaby T to the Natural History Museum today on a Dinosaur hunt.What a beautiful building it is and the dinosaur exhibits quite remarkable, delighting T.


2. T was delighted when she was given a balloon in the cafe and was excited by playing with the effects of the static on everyone’s hair.


3. I love Grandkid J in his karate suit. He has his purple belt and is very proud of it.



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Sensing Spaces, Macarons and Poem on the Underground

1. The Sensing Spaces exhibition at The Royal Academy is fabulous! If you are in London, don’t miss it. Come on a brief tour with me.









All the exhibits are interactive. The towers can be climbed up inside on spiral staircases and the golden angels can be seen in close up. The straw construction is being made by the visitors who are encouraged to add to the display. My offering was of plaited purple and green straws in a circle. The big wooden maze is entrancing and mind blowing as one encounters the mirrors and the noise of the pebbles underfoot. The smell of the wood reminds one of cut wood, a lovely smell.

2. Near the Royal Academy there is a beautiful shop that sells Les Macarons a la Ganache and I treated us all to a few for dessert tonight. Delicious!


3 Travelling home on the underground we were treated to one of the series of Poems on the Underground. I just love this one which is new to me. I hope you like it too. To me, it conjures up supper in the warmth of a Greek Island…..

Poems on the Underground is such a delightful idea. Well done to somebody!



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From Skinnymarinka to Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey

We started the day squirrel watching and singing with Grandbaby B.


We drove from Norfolk to London just in time to pick up Grandkid No 1 from school.


3. We ended the day going to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire to see Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey – a cracking evening of rock with hundreds and hundreds of other happy fans!




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Latch, Leylandii and An Owl

1. The cottage that L&T have moved into is an old railway cottage with all the original features from 1850 including this beautifully engineered latch on the door to the stairs.


2 Some trees are having to be felled nearby after the wild storms so that they don’t interfere with power lines. This is the very top of a Leylandii which is not normally seen as it is so high in the sky!

3. Shopping this afternoon, we saw this beautiful little carved owl. I am a big fan of owls and fell in love with this one. Last night we could hear owls in the woods.



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Come for a Walk Around Halkham Bay, Norfolk

We were taken to the Norfolk coast today, a very different coast line from that we are used to in Cornwall – mile after mile of flat golden sand, no cliffs but low dunes and pine trees and the biggest sky you can imagine, lots of bird life in the wetlands just inland from the coast and a brilliant stomp finding beautiful treasures all the way.

Brent Geese coming in to land

Walking down to the sea

Leaf in a pool

Horn wrack

Sand patterns

Pine trees

Norfolk reed

Looking back at the beach


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Stairs, Woodland Treasures and Sky

1. It’s such a delight to see how Grandbaby B has grown and developed since Christmas. She just loves climbing the stairs. She will be one in about seven weeks.

2. The new house is in woodland and going for a lovely walk is just there on the doorstep. We found Blackthorn blossom, beautiful bark, fungi on tree trunks and pine cones.




3 The sky has been blue all day and the shafts of sunlight through the trees quite beautiful highlighting the catkins and the branches.




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The Wallops, Toaster and Dinner

1. When it isn’t my turn to drive, I like to amuse myself by looking for entertaining names on the map. Today’s gems are Over Wallop, Middle Wallop and Nether Wallop.

2. I really love this toaster, seen in Bristol today – a VW Camper van! I’d love to buy it but sadly, ours is not broken!

3. Dinner at our hotel tonight was tasty. We’re staying half way on our journey to visit Grandbaby B and her parents for a few days.



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Train Journey, Marguerite and St Ives

1   The best train journey ever is the ten minute ride along the coast from Lelant to St Ives. The Grandchildren always love it and so do we!

Leaving the Hayle estuary

Leaving the Hayle estuary

2   The banks at the side of the station in St Ives were covered in bright yellow Marguerites.



Bank of Marguerites

Bank of Marguerites

3   St Ives was beautiful as always. Tide in, tide out, in sunshine or in cloud, there is always a special light there that has attracted artists for many years.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I knitted this piece of treasure for an exhibition at Kensington Palace called The Enchanted Palace. It was staged by Wildworks, a Cornish theatre company, who were invited to cast a spell over the palace, creating a mysterious and atmospheric world for visitors to explore, and bringing the hidden stories of the historic royal residence dramatically to life. The Crown Jewels were knitted by various knitters and I was delighted to be invited to make The Orb.

Knitted orb, all my own design

Knitted orb, all my own design

You can see a photo of the real thing here.

You can find more Treasure photos here.


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