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Winter Walk, Baking and ‘Pankhurst Row’

1   What a non-stop day now that the Grandchildren are here for half term – walking, playing card games, out with the scooters, playing hide and seek, investigating everything and then….

Winter Sky trail

Winter Sky trail

2    ….. baking buns, icing and eating!

White chocolate buns waiting for their lemon icing

White chocolate buns waiting for their lemon icing

3   A beautiful piece of commissioned art-work arrived in the post today, ‘Pankhurst Row’, made by Drawn to Stitch, a very talented artist whose work I saw a little while ago and fell in love with!  The piece I saw was called Gardeners’ Row and when I asked if a similar piece could be made for me but with more purple and dark green, Suffragette colours, the answer was yes and it arrived today, so well packed and beautifully mounted. I am utterly delighted with it! Louise O’Hara is a mixed media artist from Cheshire, England who uses the name Drawn to Stitch and I adore her work.  Click on this link to go to her website and see more of her delightful creations.

Pankhurst Row by Louise O'Hara

Pankhurst Row by Louise O’Hara


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