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Come With Us For A Birthday Walk

The lovely Mr S chose a trip to St Ives for his birthday so after Skypes and phone calls with all our four, we drove to Lelant Saltings and took the train to St Ives, one of the most beautiful journeys ever. We spent the time dodging  heavy showers, enjoying the warmth of sunshine and watching, with others, the waves washing in with such tremendous force. It was exhilarating to be dodging the spray and being aware of such an elemental power.

The photos show you how high the tide was and there were two full hours to go before high tide by which time we were safely home for our celebratory dinner. Join us on our walk around St Ives and our visit to see Godrevy Lighthouse. Imagine the delight of the surfers and of the little boys, imagine the noise of the surf and imagine being drenched by the icy spray…….. also, however, imagine living there.

We were concerned for the homes along the front two hours later  when the tide would be at its highest and heard later that a window was broken by the force of the waves and the house  flooded. It may be beautiful to watch but the reality all around the coast of Cornwall is very different for some.    Click on any picture for a bigger version and the caption.


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