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Ai Weiwei, Clock and Leaf

Visiting The Royal Academy is always a treat when we visit London. Today the exhibition was of the works of Ai Weiwei and it was most affecting, some humour, more tragedy and revelations about his treatment in China both in prison and out. Click on the gallery for detail and information.

The Ai Wei Wei Exhibition at The Royal Academy

The Ai Weiwei Exhibition at The Royal Academy


The clock across the road from the RA has figures which appear on the hour.

Clock opposite the Royal Academy

Clock opposite the Royal Academy

Our second visit was to the VandA  where I found this beautiful Autumn leaf. Please forgive the disorganised post. OS 9 on the iPad is driving me crazy!  I’ll add photos later.

Leaf found at The V&A

Leaf found at The V&A


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Brunch, Paper Flowers and Post Box

We love having brunch in Caffe Concerto before we spend the day in The Royal Academy. Today I had Eggs Benedict – delicious!

This is the rose that was on our table.


In the Burlington Arcade there were hanging bouquets of beautiful paper flowers.


Along the street I noticed a very interesting plaque on a post box.


Given yesterday’s post – I smiled at a dozen strangers today and eleven smiled back. Three stopped for brief cheerful conversations. I was very happy with that!


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Sensing Spaces, Macarons and Poem on the Underground

1. The Sensing Spaces exhibition at The Royal Academy is fabulous! If you are in London, don’t miss it. Come on a brief tour with me.









All the exhibits are interactive. The towers can be climbed up inside on spiral staircases and the golden angels can be seen in close up. The straw construction is being made by the visitors who are encouraged to add to the display. My offering was of plaited purple and green straws in a circle. The big wooden maze is entrancing and mind blowing as one encounters the mirrors and the noise of the pebbles underfoot. The smell of the wood reminds one of cut wood, a lovely smell.

2. Near the Royal Academy there is a beautiful shop that sells Les Macarons a la Ganache and I treated us all to a few for dessert tonight. Delicious!


3 Travelling home on the underground we were treated to one of the series of Poems on the Underground. I just love this one which is new to me. I hope you like it too. To me, it conjures up supper in the warmth of a Greek Island…..

Poems on the Underground is such a delightful idea. Well done to somebody!



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Breakfast in Piccadilly, Royal Academy and Picnic in the Park 14th July

1. We saw the Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World ( The Rolling Stones!) in Hyde Park yesterday, stayed overnight in a hotel in Covent Garden and had breakfast in a lovely cafe on Piccadilly as we watched the 10K run go by.


2. From there we went to see The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, a real treat. I loved this ‘Enebriated Owl’.



3. KJ met us at the station and took us to meet the family for a picnic in the park. What a beautiful day!



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Manet Exhibition, Burlington Arcade and P J Crook

1. We loved the Manet exhibition at The Royal Academy, my favourites being the portraits of Berthe Morisot whose work I also admire. The building is very beautiful too.

2. We had never been in The Burlington Arcade before. It is carpeted! Walking through was so quiet after the buzz of London streets. There were uniformed attendants who were happy to have their photo taken and a shoe-shine stand. I loved the gloves and the fan in a shop display.

3 Through the arcade is Cork Street, a street lined with art galleries. In one we discovered the work of P J Crook which I just fell in love with. Her paintings overflow onto the frames and are just brilliant, full of imagination and wonder and all sorts of detail.









Posting from my iPad is a challenge! I’ll put captions to my photos when we return home.


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Royal Academy, Suffragette Socks and War Horse

1. We loved the Bronzes exhibition at the Royal Academy!

2. In John Lewis I spotted some furry socks in purple, white and green. I couldn’t leave them behind, now could I?

3. ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo is a brilliant story and made the most amazing stage show. The music was lovely and the puppet horses quite brilliantly realistic. I loved it!






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