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Tube Announcement, Cornish Daffodils and A Song

1   A young friend of mine heard this at Victoria tube station in London the other day –

‘Hello you shiny, happy, lovely Friday people, welcome aboard the Soul Train! Have a wonderful day!’

What a brilliant way to bring smiles to people’s faces on their morning commute. Happiness indeed!

2   These gorgeous Cornish daffodils bring smiles to us whenever we go into the kitchen. I love the reflection in the shiny surface too.

Beautiful Cornish daffodils

Beautiful Cornish daffodils

3    It was so good to be back at singing after being ill. We sang several of my favourites tonight including the wonderful ‘Oxygen” which you can listen to here. It was written by our own Choir leader, Claire Ingleheart, for the Suffragette play, ‘Oxygen’  performed last year here in Cornwall and all along the route of the Suffragette March from Lands End to London. Have a look at this post if you’d like to know more and if you put Suffragette in the search, all the posts will come up for you.


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