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Detail, Pond and Sheep

The Natural History Museum is a beautiful piece of architecture. Click on any photo for the full detail.

The outdoor area has a couple of ponds where the golden Autumn leaves were floating and some curly coated sheep were mowing the grass.



Exhibitionism, Cakes and Views over London

The Rolling Stones exhibition, Exhibitionism, called to us today. No photos were allowed but if you are a fan, this is an exhibition to visit. I loved the costumes and the sets but especially their diaries and their fan sheets written in their own hands.  It was especially lovely to have a day out with our daughter who enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did.

 There were some very tempting cakes on offer when we went for lunch. 
Views over London’s iconic buildings were followed by my first visit to see Big Ben!   



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Natural History Museum, Static and Karate

1. We took Grandbaby T to the Natural History Museum today on a Dinosaur hunt.What a beautiful building it is and the dinosaur exhibits quite remarkable, delighting T.


2. T was delighted when she was given a balloon in the cafe and was excited by playing with the effects of the static on everyone’s hair.


3. I love Grandkid J in his karate suit. He has his purple belt and is very proud of it.



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Winning Photographs, Photography Course at Lanhydrock and Chocolate Avocado Torte!

1  I mentioned before on our visit to the Natural History Museum, 13th Jan, that the photos were inspiring! Here are just three of them. If you get the chance to go, take it!

2  I’ve booked myself onto a Photography Course at Lanhydrock at the end of February and am very excited about learning how to take better photographs.

3  Sue, Mr S’s cousin made a wonderful Chocolate Torte for the wake last week. She has sent me the recipe today and I’ll be trying it soon. It has avocados, cocoa and coconut oil with a pecan and date base – no butter, no cream, no biscuits and it’s just amazing! I don’t know how many calories it’ll have!!


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Brother-in-Law, Photographs and the British Library

1  We spent the day with P, my favourite  brother-in-law, who was over from Poland for yesterday’s funeral. We see him so infrequently; it was lovely to be able to have the day together.

2  The Natural History Museum has an exhibition of photographs. What a fabulous and inspiring collection! I’ll post some photos when we get home.I want a really good camera and some lessons in how to make really good photos.

Gargoyle on The Natural History Museum

3  Our next visit was to the British Library. I love that place! We saw the Dickens exhibition, the Ritblat collection and it gave me such a thrill to know that every one of Dad’s books is in there. It is Dad’s birthday today so it seem most appropriate to be thinking of him and his writing today.

4  Cherry blossom, the Natural History Museum building itself, the busker in the tunnel from the tube to the museum, coming home to the delightful Grandbabies – all in all  brilliant day.

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