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Waves, A Parrot and Daisies

The winds are wild and Portreath is the place to see good waves and the surges of water in the harbour. We were rather late for high tide but it was lovely in the sunshine nonetheless. There were not many people  around and few of those not in jackets. It’s not really feeling like August.

Walking back to the car we spotted a parrot in a van and it soon became clear that he was having a conversation with the man beside him. I took the photo from a long way away!The wild winds have wreaked havoc with our garden. One set of beans is down, the Canna broke off at the base, there is general mayhem and the Marguerites have all been blown into the Crinodendron branches giving an effect that pleases me.



Apartment, Hedge and Balcony

From the supermarket we can see our apartment on the hill. 

Surrounding the car park of the supermarket is a bright yellow hedge of Marguerites.

Lots of balconies are planted but this one is the best, overflowing with Geraniums.


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Train Journey, Marguerite and St Ives

1   The best train journey ever is the ten minute ride along the coast from Lelant to St Ives. The Grandchildren always love it and so do we!

Leaving the Hayle estuary

Leaving the Hayle estuary

2   The banks at the side of the station in St Ives were covered in bright yellow Marguerites.



Bank of Marguerites

Bank of Marguerites

3   St Ives was beautiful as always. Tide in, tide out, in sunshine or in cloud, there is always a special light there that has attracted artists for many years.


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