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St Mawes, Foxes and An Optimist

1   It was our turn to take the ferry over to St Mawes to spend a beautiful day with P&V. The ferryman took us on the scenic route right around Black Rock so we could all see some seals.  The regatta was fun with some beautiful boats.  Please click on any photo to see detail.

A working boat

AA road sign at the garage

Petrol pump at the same garage – click to see the price!

A regatta race goes past P&V’s cottage

2   Such a beautiful evening we had supper outside and saw foxes in the field behind our garden. They look very young and healthy.

Two foxes in the field and rabbits playing statues

Fox in the field

3   The name of this wine appealed to us! Mr S always says, ‘Optimists have more fun’ and so chose this bottle.

Wine for optimists


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