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Low Tide, A Swan and A Poster

My cousin and his wife, who live in Australia, are on a European tour and today came to visit us so off we took them down to the beautiful Pandora Inn in Restronguet,  for lunch. We were fascinated by the behaviour of the eighteen swans who left the water one by one in a long line, sploshing up the muddy beach to drink from some running water. Some time later, they all went back again.

They are much more elegant on the water!

On the way home, we stopped off to show D&T the beautiful Quaker Meeting House at Come To Good.  This poster echoed some of our conversation.

The following is an old photo and rather small but gives you an idea of the beautiful old building, built in 1710.


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Sun Shimmers, Flower Wall and A Robin

The light along the Penryn River was lovely this morning.One of the house boats on the river has a vertical flower bed which is quite delightful.

We were visited by a very friendly Robin while having lunch at The Pandora on Restronguet Creek.


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Another Pub Lunch, Hedgerow Smells and Peace Songs

We met our Best Beloveds at The Pandora Inn today for a lunch in the most beautiful place you can imagine. Enjoy the gallery.

My eleven year old and much loved Beetle Cabriolet has a non-functioning soft top! However, I love how the windows open so completely allowing the wonderful scent of Summer hedgerows into the car. I so wish I could bottle it for you and share it. It is intoxicating!


Tonight at choir  we sang songs of peace in honour of our friend Paul who is about to embark on a walk from Rome to Jerusalem, a walk of about 1500 miles in the name of Peace and Reconciliation. I so admire what he is doing and will post more shortly about his endeavours.



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Life Jacket, The Pandora and Camellia

1   I am going to learn to sail! I have a fear of being in or on water so this is a huge scary step into the future for me. That’s why our  purchase today was my Life Jacket which we bought in Falmouth in a fabulous treasure trove of a shop, The Bosun’s Locker, where one can buy all things boaty. Click on any photo for the detail.

2   I have missed so much singing over the last few weeks that the lovely Mr Smith wanted to compensate a little and so, after shopping, took me out for lunch to The Pandora Inn at Restronguet. I had my favourite, Scallops with Black Pudding in the warmth of the log fire in this lovely 13th century inn.

3   We called in on friends on our way home and their Grandson, W, was with them. He presented me with this beautiful fallen Camellia flower.

Present from W

Present from W




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A Gift, Long Tailed Tits and Lunch with My Brother

1   I have woken to find this posting from a lovely ex-student of mine and it has made my day!  He says,” Your philosophy of teaching I would say…x”

2   As I walked round the garden this morning, I became aware that the bird feeder was full of young Long Tailed Tits. I stood absolutely still and watched as they came and went,10 of them in the feeders at one point but I didn’t have my camera! Later, I caught just this one – so beautiful and such an amazing few moments!

Long Tailed Tit

3   We met P&V at the beautiful, restored-after-its-fire, Pandora Inn on Restronguet Creek for lunch. When I went to place our order, the bar person said, ‘Sorry, you must have your table number wrong, someone else has just ordered on that number, ‘ and I was able to say, ‘No, that was my brother. He was just ordering too.’  How lovely to be able to say that, my brother is here! He is ordering too! It is so lovely to have him and V here for so long!

Beautiful drive down to The Pandora Inn

Newly thatched roof

View from The Pandora

Swans on the creek

My delicious lunch of Cornish scallops on crispy black pudding and dressed leaves

We’re out tonight so I’m posting earlier than usual. Happy days everyone!


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