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Texting, Birdwatching, Knitting Toolkit and A Bonus

1   The American branch of the family, my younger brother and my sister-in-law, are staying in St Mawes and we’ve had fun today texting making arrangements to meet up tomorrow, the skies being leaden again today! I’d love to say it’s been beautiful being so quiet but the truth is it’s too quiet and I’m missing everybody so much! The house has been so full of laughter and chatter for a whole week!

2    Being so quiet and, truth to tell, not busy enough, we have had time to notice the birds and my favourites, the Long Tailed Tits, have turned up today. I love it that they live in several generational family groups and at one point we saw ten. At the same time, the Goldfinches, a Blue Tit and a Great Tit were at the feeder. Beautiful!

3   This afternoon I read on about the tools we knitters carry about with us for knitting, was inspired to carry on with my current project (hoodies for both the Grandchildren) and to take a photo of my tool kit which was my Granny’s. It gives me enormous pleasure to know that she and my Mum both used these things before me. Thank you, Veronica.

4   Bonus Beautiful thing!    The sun came out this evening and we went down to Chapelporth to blow away the cobwebs. It was so beautiful and did my spirit much good –  lots of flowers, crashing waves in a turquoise sea and the magnificent Wheal Coates engine house on the cliff.

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