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Church Cove, Ann’s Pasties and Story-time

1   We went to The Lizard for what we were told are the best  pasties in Cornwall and went to look for a beach for the children first. We discovered this beautiful cove, disappointingly no sand but a quite breathtakingly beautiful hamlet and cove.

2   We got our pasties from Ann’s Pasties and we were not disappointed! We watched them being made and have never seen pasties so stuffed or tasted such delicious pasties with such lovely crisp pastry.

3   We bought a new book for the children yesterday and read it tonight – ‘Pigs Might Surf’ but the big hit at story-time is still ‘The Great Dog Bottom Swap’ which has all the adults in tears of laughter too!

Please forgive me, dear Readers, for not reading, commenting as I usually do. With family here, there is no time but I will get back to you all soon.


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