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A View, Colour and Home-Made

How it rained and hailed this morning but we still had lots of fun having breakfast with friends at a favourite venue with the most beautiful view, even without sunshine.

Afterwards we briefly shopped in Truro visiting one of my favourite shops……

I loved the logo on this bag – and this afternoon we made the next two batches of home-made marmalade, another 10lbs or so.

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Breakfast, Swans and Kindness

Last day before lockdown and we met a couple of friends at a pub for breakfast! We sat on the terrace with the most idyllic view in front of us, enjoying a delicious Cornish breakfast,  putting the world to rights and soaking up the sun’s rays. It was actually warm and such a tonic.

I love swans, a symbol of grace, needed by us all as we face the next months.

Outside the pub was a barrel (!) of fresh water for thirsty pups. What a lovely idea. We often see dishes of water but this is a step up!



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My Favourite Shop, Dinner Out and Malpas

1   Went to my favourite shop today – fabrics, wool, buttons , ribbons – everything a knitter/sewer could possibly want – to buy more wool for the little hoodies I’m knitting for the Grandchildren.

2   Eating out again! We do this so rarely usually but with family here we are having lovely treats day after day. I chose Cornish scallops again – I do love them!

3   After dinner we drove to Malpas along the Truro River – just beautiful!

and a special bonus tonight – the Olympic opening ceremony has been brilliant!


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