Daily Archives: July 20, 2012

Falmouth, Maritime Museum and Godrevy

1    It was a beautiful sunny day in Falmouth where we met P&V who came over from St Mawes on the ferry.

2    We had a lovely time playing with the remote controlled sailing boats in the Maritime Museum.

3    Try to imagine sitting on the cliffs as the sun sets into the sea and hearing the waves lapping on the shore. Gradually, lights appear on the island and all the while you are listening to a soundscape of beautiful love poems……..  That was us, this evening,  taking part in the Peace Camp 2012, part of the Cultural Olympiad. If you are reading this and are near one of the other installations around the British coast, do try to join in. It is a truly beautiful experience.Wherever you live, you could still download the soundtrack,  enlarge one of my photos, listen and imagine!


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