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Six on Saturday – Planting for Perfume

I was inspired by a blogging friend, Ute, to blog about the scents in our garden. I always want plants to give me more than one thing – colour, scent, texture, flowers, berries and we have lots that have scent as their first attribute. The main scented flowers are just outside the kitchen and along the steps up to the garden.

1. Heliotrope – also known as Cherry Pie because that is the scent.

2. Lavender – you’ll all know this one

3. Nemesia – smells of vanilla, a favourite of mine.

4. Sweet Peas  – smell of honey

5.  Dianthus – a sweet clove scent

6. Night scented Stock, a favourite from my childhood and a perfume know as Night Flowers to Daughter No 2 who in toddlerhood would wake up in the night. She was taken out to smell the Night Flowers and would then settle.

and there are all the herbs which are lovely to brush by – Sage, Rosemary, Mint and various Thymes, from next door’s garden, Jasmine and from a bit further away, the gorgeous smell of newly cut grass.

To read about lots of other gardeners and their gardens from all over the world, visit The Propagator who hosts the Six on Saturday.


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Planter, A Dahlia and A Canna

I was in Penryn today and found this gloriously full planter in my favourite colours, one of the plants being Heliotrope which really lives up to its nickname of Cherry Pie.


Side view with millstone and flowers

Our Dahlias are blooming.

White Dahlia

The Canna is in flower too.

Canna and Zebra Grass

Thank you all very much for so many thoughts about the the pink flower yesterday.  I think Heyjude and Arkenatum might have the right id, Crinum.  I hadn’t said that the stems were about 2ft tall and they do look a bit like Amaryllis. I really should have taken a photo of  the whole border.


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Collared Dove, Clouds and A Pair of Pheasants

1   This Collared Dove was not phased by my turning up with the camera. In fact, it seemed to be curious!

Collared Dove

Collared Dove

2     There were some pretty cloud patterns as we drove to yet another garden centre on my hunt for Heliotrope



3   No-one seems to be growing Heliotrope this year (If any of my local friends know where I can find some plants, please let me know!). However, I did fall for another garden sculpture – but didn’t buy this delightful pair……..

A pair of pheasants

A pair of pheasants



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Clematis Fairy, Fine Shadows and Peacock Butterfly

1   I used to love  finding fairies in the garden when I was a little girl and never being told that they were Clematis seed heads floating on the breeze. Today I found one in a bucket of water and was delighted with the subsequent unexpected photo.

Dandelion Fairy

Clematis Fairy

2    The very last flower on the Pelargonium was caught in the sunshine today with the anthers making such a delicate shadow.

Mrs Johnson's Blue Pelargonium

Mrs Johnson’s Blue Pelargonium

3   Of many photos taken trying to catch the fluttering butterfly, I eventually managed one as it took nectar from the lovely Heliotrope, otherwise known as Cherry Pie because of its delicious fragrance.

Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly


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Kath’s jug, Heliotrope and Carols

1  Brought Kath’s jug out of the dishwasher today, reminded again of a beautiful friend and of how much I miss her. The jug comes out every time we have friends round for a meal so that Kath is there with us too…….

2  Heliotrope, Lavender and Verbena Bonariensis all still in flower and it’s only 4 weeks to Christmas! And there are four more Passion flowers.

3  Singing Christmas Carols with the Inglehearts, learning the alto part for ‘While Shepherds Watched’ but missing my friend and singing mentor Jean who is still not well.

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