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Six on Saturday – Bee Happy

We had lunch in the garden today and were so aware of the continuous buzzing all over the garden so I set out with my camera to attempt, on a very windy day, to capture the bees on various wind-blown plants. Some of the photos, plants and/or bees, are a bit fuzzy. It is very heartening to find our plantings attracting so many pollinators.

On the French Lavender

Dozens on the Crinodendron

On the Lamb’s Ears

On the Cotoneaster

On the Mexican Fleabane

On the Thyme

On the Rosemary


On the Raspberries.

On the Broad Beans

I would love to be able to identify each of these bees, especially after hearing on the radio this morning that we have at least 150 different kinds of bees in the UK! I shall make a start…..  Try here if you want to play along
The next photo is of a creature I do not know but which is very beautiful. The last time I posted a photo of a beautiful creature, a bright red one, I was very quickly told that it was a Lily Beetle and I should ‘dispose’ of it asap!  I’m hoping this is a friendly and beneficial little critter.

Beautiful creature on the Mexican Fleabane

If you would like to take part in Six on Saturday, pop over to The Propagator’s blog where, in the comments, you can follow gardeners and their blogs from all over the world

PS I have discovered from the above mentioned site  that the creature on the Rosemary isn’t a bee – it’s a Hoverfly.


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Heliotrope, Cosmos and Petunia

The scent of the Heliotrope is just wonderful, not for nothing is its nickname Cherry Pie. The bees love it too.

Heliotrope with Bee

They also love the Cosmos.


I saw this pretty


Petunia at the garden centre and want to grow it ourselves next year.



A Bumblebee, Raindrops and Dracaena Flowers

The sun came out today! We sat out and read our books, had lunch outside and soaked up the glorious warmth. We saw fleeting butterflies, heard bees in the flowers and watched a Bumble bee collecting nectar.

Yesterday’s raindrops were still clinging to the purple Tibuchine Urvilleana in my Suffragette garden.

left behind raindrops

Our Dracaena Palm in the front garden is in blossom again.

Dracaena palm



Bee, Verbascum and White Strawberries

It is good to see bees busy on these Summer days.

Busy bee

Bee collecting nectar

I love the peachiness and furriness of these Verbascum flowers.

macro detail


What a feast for supper tonight! Our lovely neighbour came in to share our roast chicken and brought with her a cornucopia of fresh produce from her allotment – new potatoes (which I cooked with mint and butter), broad beans (for which I made a creamy white sauce), a courgette (which I fried in butter with lemon zest) and White Strawberries for our dessert. I think they are lovely with their tiny red seeds and they certainly taste good! The birds don’t recognise them as ripe so they survive!

Sweet treat!

White Strawberries from Sue’s allotment



Cornflower, Sunflower and A Cliff Walk

We have lots of Cornflowers in bloom. I caught one with an unusual Bee on it.  This afternoon I went to visit Sue at her allotment. Her Sunflowers are very lovely and this evening we  walked to Wheal Coates watching the activity in the sky, hang gliders and Kestrels! Click on any photo in the gallery for more detail. The feathers on the Kestrels are just amazing!


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Cornish Hedgerows, Bee and Sweet Williams

Our hedgerows are just glorious at this time of year – filled with Bluebells, Pink campions, Cow parsley, Dandelions and Buttercups but all rather hard to catch from a moving car.

Lane near Kehelland

Lane near Kehelland

Happily, we are seeing lots of bees around. This one was flitting around the Libertia Grandiflora in the front garden.



A lovely friend brought me some beautiful deep red Sweet Williams the other day. Sadly, the camera seems unable to catch the depth of colour properly but here is a hint of how lovely they are. Thank you L.

Sweet Williams

Sweet Williams


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Alphabet

This was a tricky Challenge – of course, that’s what a Challenge is all about!  I was going to post hieroglyphs, an alphabet I cannot read and then decided on a different approach – things I love that spell it out – growing and baking!

For others in this Challenge click here.



Suffragette Garden, Bee and Cuddly Toys

1   There is lots of colour in our Suffragette garden with shades of purple, white and green.

2   Serendipitously, a bee appeared in my photo of the Verbena Bonariensis and the Japanese Anemones.

Bee in my Suffragette garden

Bee in flight in my Suffragette garden

3   The cousins found all the cuddly toys and put them on the stairs this morning and they have stayed there all day!

Cuddly toys up the stairs

Cuddly toys up the stairs


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Bugs, Bees and Raindrops

1   I found a fascinating bug on the beautifully scented Heliotrope today. He stayed for ages so I guess he liked the perfume too. I’m wondering if it is the same creature, the Green Shield bug, that is making holes in the Pansy flowers.

Pentatomidae ; Palomena prasina (Green shield bug).

Pentatomidae ; Palomena prasina (Green shield bug).

Who/what is eating the flowers?

Who/what is eating the flowers?

2   A bee that was collecting pollen this afternoon seemed to be quite drunk on what he was savouring as he turned upside-down to make sure he got every speck of yellow dust from the little blue flowers (whose name escapes me….)

Collecting nectar

Collecting nectar

3    The rain left a lovely pattern of miniature magnifying glasses on the strawberry leaves.

Strawberry leaf

Strawberry leaf



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Grateful Bee, Huge Achievement and Happiness

1   The lovely Mr S found a very poorly bee in the garden this morning and brought it in for some TLC. I made a sugar solution and put that and a little caster sugar on a plate in the shade and we put the bee close to the sugar.  After some time I looked again and it seemed to be a little better. I went back again and was just in time to take the photo before it flew strongly away. Brilliant!

2   Today I have been up to our attic! That may sound like an every day sort of thing to do but the ladder, the climb and the flight of stairs just behind me have daunted me until now! We are thinking of doing some sort of conversion up there so I had to steel myself to do it. With sticky palms and a thumping heart I did it –  and I took photos. On a good day from the front, we can see the sea. From the back, we can see Wheal Uny. Now I’ve been up once, I can do it again!

Taken from the back attic window

Taken from the back attic window

3   A friend sent me this ABC of Happiness and I loved it so I’m sharing it with you now.


I especially like H, K, L, S and W. I wonder which ones appeal most to you……..


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