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Suffragette Garden, Blue Sky and A Poem

The Japanese Anemones, the Verbenas Bonariensis and Lollipop and the Hebe are all flowering in my Suffragette Garden.

The sky has been a glorious blue today, here under and over the viaduct.

A young friend with a daughter about to go off to University is finding it hard (even harder, of course, for anyone in these Covid times than it was for us 20 years ago) but the words of Kahlil Gibran, that I have often read at Baby Namings, is still appropriate for all parents to remember.


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White, Courgettes and Tomatoes

I love the white in our Suffragette garden. There is no purple left as the Clematis has all been blown away but the Japanese Anemones are lovely .

Japanese Anemones

I have picked all the ripe Cherry Tomatoes and ‘sun-dried’ them in the oven today.

Cherry tomatoes

Our lovely friend Kath, to whom this blog is dedicated, once gave me the recipe for Courgette Soup and it is very tasty. Kath and Charlie had a small house in Meyssac in Southern France and we visited a couple of times. Each time, when the villagers knew that K&C were having visitors, they were asked by the neighbours, “Which soup are you making for them?” which we all loved. We used our own courgettes (our crop has been rather small) and some from our lovely neighbour Sue’s allotment.


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Suffragette Garden, Bee and Cuddly Toys

1   There is lots of colour in our Suffragette garden with shades of purple, white and green.

2   Serendipitously, a bee appeared in my photo of the Verbena Bonariensis and the Japanese Anemones.

Bee in my Suffragette garden

Bee in flight in my Suffragette garden

3   The cousins found all the cuddly toys and put them on the stairs this morning and they have stayed there all day!

Cuddly toys up the stairs

Cuddly toys up the stairs


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Dew Droplets, Garden Bouquet and Just Baked Bread

1   A typical Autumnal morning today, with spiders’ webs everywhere all covered in tiny dew drops that look like miniature bubbles when you zoom in on them.

Droplets on webs

Droplets on webs

2   The garden still has lots of colour and I’ve cut some flowers for indoors, Sweet peas, Fuchsia, Japanese Anemones and Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides


Garden bouquet

Garden bouquet

3    This beautiful loaf has been baked in a terracotta bread crock made by Harry Juniper of Bideford.

Sun dried tomato and Parmesan loaf

Sun dried tomato and Parmesan loaf


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