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Posy, Potatoes and Preparation

We managed to find a small posy for Ti today – not much colour in our garden at the moment.

I was making a Dauphinoise for our meal tonight and sliced the potatoes on our new mandolin – they looked so lovely I had to take a photo!

Nearly there in this photo, the potatoes, leeks and cream cheese almost layered up ready for our veggie meal this evening.


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Purple, White and An Angel

The Hebe in our Suffragette garden is in flower and the lovely white cyclamen that are planted underneath are also looking lovely.

I have completed one of the three angels for L using her own bits of jewellery. I’m really pleased with this one – I like the way the colours go together.


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Six on Saturday – Replanting and Spring Bulbs

We’ve started the work on the Suffragette Garden that needs an overhaul. The blind Narcissi in the first photo are now out and the ground ready for planting.


Blind Narcissi

2.  The ground is already for planting…..


3. …… and the Hebes are in, ‘Baby Marie’  which will grow to 40 cms and I hope, in time, they will make a little hedge. The have white flowers but the buds are tinged with purple so will be perfect for this garden.

Baby Marie

4.  I was given these bulbs for Christmas a few years ago but nothing happened and I had forgotten all about them. This year, here they are in the little wall garden and I don’t know what they are called. Help, anyone?

Identity needed

5.   The Narcissi are brightening up a dark corner. I’m hoping Storm Freya, which is on its way won’t beat them down.

More Narcissi

6.   Now for something completely different!  It is St Piran’s Day here in Cornwall and our little town celebrates with a parade and hundreds of daffodils – in every shop window, in lapels, as decoration. It’s great fun!

For others in the Six on Saturday challenge, please visit the Propagator where gardeners from all over the world add links in the comments.


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Hebe, Haystacks and A Titanic Moment

1   I love how the sun has caught the purple edge of the Hebe leaves and highlighted the stamens on the flower.

Hebe in my Suffragette garden

Hebe in my Suffragette garden

2   Going out in Skippalong today to follow the Tall Ships Parade of Sail we noticed pleasing haystacks on the horizon.(I’ll post a gallery of the beautiful ships tomorrow)

Tall haystacks

Tall haystacks

3   Our friends took the opportunity for a Titanic moment as we were moving through the channel to see the Tall Ships.

N&G's Titanic moment

N&G’s Titanic moment


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Suffragette Garden, Bee and Cuddly Toys

1   There is lots of colour in our Suffragette garden with shades of purple, white and green.

2   Serendipitously, a bee appeared in my photo of the Verbena Bonariensis and the Japanese Anemones.

Bee in my Suffragette garden

Bee in flight in my Suffragette garden

3   The cousins found all the cuddly toys and put them on the stairs this morning and they have stayed there all day!

Cuddly toys up the stairs

Cuddly toys up the stairs


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