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A Celebration of Women

What a fabulous afternoon being a part of celebrating the Centenary of some women getting the vote! We all gathered in Mawnan Smith – The Mawnan Smith W I, singers from my choirs, Guides, Brownies and Rainbows and many supporters and we marched along to Trebah Gardens, singing some of the way when we had enough breath! We finished in the amphitheatre  and sang for all the wonderful people who had joined us along the way. Such a wonderful feeling of solidarity, such a deep feeling of community and an acknowledgement that there is still some way to go and that we must carry on where our sisters have fought before. Click on any photo for a bigger view and the caption.

Votes for Women!


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May Sarton, Reindeer and Suffragettes

This poem came my way recently and struck me as a very positive and lovely way to celebrate sleeplessness. Oh, the ‘bliss of being alive.’  This poem is for my SIL, V, and my dear  friends M and J and I am sure, many more of my dear Readers will appreciate it too.

Bliss – May Sarton

In the middle of the night,
My bedroom washed in moonlight
And outside
The faint hush-hushing
Of an ebbing tide,
I see Venus
Close to
The waning moon.
I hear the bubbling hoot
Of a playful owl.
Pierrot’s purrs
Ripple under my hand,
And all this is bathed
In the scent of roses
By my bed
Where there are always
Books and flowers.

In the middle of the night
The bliss of being alive!

As it is almost the Centenary of (some) women first getting the vote in Britain, I am republishing the Suffragette Diary, a copy of which I found in my late Father’s papers. I will let you know as soon as it goes live.

My facsimile scarf given to me by my Mum

Walking into town today, a neighbour’s gates were open and I spotted their wonderful, quirky reindeer in the front garden. Aren’t they a delight?

Wood and stick reindeer


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Carn Brea, Sky Kiss and Two Gifts

We had a windy walk around Carn Brea today, away from everything, to allow my brain to settle down! St Euny Church can be seen among the trees from our vantage point at the top. On a clear day the sea can be seen on the North and the South coasts but not today. As well as the views and the flowers  I found a little heart in the dust.

Then we spotted the Sky-kiss left by vapour trails in the sky.

Friends have been so kind and loving over this whole Until the Day Break period. On the first night I was given, by J&M, a lovely bunch of purple, white and green flowers which are still going strong and on the last night, a magnet depicting the strong women we had been representing in the graveyard with our March of the Women song( from D&R) Thank you all.


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The Suffragette Pilgrimage, Sea Gazing and Ice-cream

1   More than fifty walkers turned up today to watch the opening episode of Oxygen and to walk in the footsteps of their Suffragette sisters marking the Great Suffrage Pilgrimage of 1913. That was so brilliant!  The play was inspiring and moving and then the walk started, led by the actors, singing songs from the play. What a day!

2   The children and I only walked at the start and then waved everyone off (There will be more photos very soon from the walkers themselves)    We took the children to play in the sand at Mount’s Bay……

Gazing out to sea

Gazing out to sea

3  …….. and finished off the day with a delicious Cornish ice-cream, thinking all the afternoon of those of my dear friends walking the trail at the same time as those amazing women walked exactly 100 years ago today. The Suffragettes in 1913 walked for themselves and for those who couldn’t and that’s what my people did for me today. Thank you.

Strawberry ice-cream

Strawberry ice-cream


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Fierce Winds, Rain Flowers and Plans

1   It was stormy in the night and the winds blew a skeleton leaf into the porch. The lovely Mr S spotted it and brought in for me. The shadow is almost as beautiful as the leaf.

Skeleton Leaf and shadow

Skeleton Leaf and shadow

2   Raindrops on the newly opened flowers make them even more beautiful.

Pansy after rain

Pansy after rain



3  Plans are afoot! Next Wednesday, it will be one hundred years since a group of women from Cornwall set off to walk from Land’s End to London to join their Suffragette and Suffragist sisters in Hyde Park for a rally where they were continuing their fight to win the vote. We are looking at the route and getting as many people as we can to join us on the first section.  If you are in Cornwall and want to walk along, you can find more information here and here.

Oxygen-the play

Oxygen-the play


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New Growth, Suffragette Colours and Knitting

1. The trees have really greened up and make the loveliest living tunnel to drive through.


2. Grandbaby B is today wearing the purple, white and green that her Great Great Great Granny, the Suffragette, wore.


3. While here, I’ve just managed to finish off a new pair of boots for Grandbaby B as she has grown out of all her first size boots already.



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Pulley Block, Fresh Eggs and A Suffragette’s Diary

1   From the window of the Zed Shed while other parts were being learned, I was looking at the beautiful yacht, the mast of which I showed you a few weeks ago. The beautiful graining on this wooden pulley block caught my eye.

Pulley block

Pulley block

2    Every week, some friends in the choir bring their fresh eggs to sell. These ones were particularly beautiful in their variety of colours and are now sitting in our old wooden egg holder in the bottom row.

Pulley block

Pulley block

3     Some years ago I ‘wrote’ another blog and today found a comment saying how inspirational it is!  The words in the blog were not mine. Let me explain by giving you some of the first post here:

July 11th 2009

Today, while sorting some of my late Father’s papers, I came across an envelope marked Suffragette’s Diary and I began to read. Serendipity indeed – the entries begin on July 12th 1909, one hundred years ago come tomorrow.   What follows is a transcript of the Diary, written by an unknown Suffragette, who was imprisoned in Holloway , along with a number of other window breakers. I have used only initials for the other prisoners though they are in the Diary in full. The only name we don’t know is that of the author.

As my Great Grandmother was a Suffragette, also imprisoned in Holloway, I have a particular interest and intend to read, transcribe and publish each day so don’t yet know how the story will unfold.

If you have time and interest, do go along and have a read. It is utterly fascinating! Please comment and let me know how it affects you.



P.S.  I promised to let you know how much The Suitcase Singers raised for Comic Relief with our Goodbye Gig last Saturday – £111.41 from ticket sales,a small auction and contributions. Brilliant! That’s £161.41 altogether with the cake sales.   Thank you so much to all concerned.


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Purple, White and Green

Serendipitously, the first photographs I took today on my walk to town were one each of purple, white and green – which you will know, if you follow, are the colours of the Suffragettes and as such are part of my family history.

1  The purple of the Tibuchina Urvilleana in the front garden was quite startling this morning as there are six new flowers on this amazing plant.

2   Coming back up the hill, I saw this very small white flower growing out of a Cornish hedge, so delicate, so beautiful.

3    The moss on the hedges was a vibrant green and had numerous tiny and fragile-looking flowers, each with a drop of dew on the end, standing up against the light.

Lastly, between the stones of the hedge was this little web, all tangly and mysterious.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate Cyclamen, Vanilla Flowers and Grand-Baby Talking

1     I love the way the beautiful white cyclamen fold their delicate petals back and survive despite the cold winds. They are part of my purple, white and green garden honouring the Suffragettes.

White Cyclamen

White Cyclamen

2   The pretty little Vanilla Flowers are doing well too; they’ve been in flower for months.

Tiny Vanilla Flowers

Tiny Vanilla Flowers

3   We spoke to J and T today on the phone. J, just four,  is sounding so grown-up and T, 20 months, said, “Hello Granny” and “Hello Grand-grand” for the first time!


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