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First photo driving home from Truro and catching the view of Carn Brea from Station Hill,  Redruth, just as the sun slipped below the horizon, on a long zoom:

Carn Brea at sunset

Then as the sky turned pink, from the back bedroom window:

Tonight’s sunset


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Blue Sky, Shadow and Carn Brea

On my two mile walk back from delivering our car to the garage early this morning, I was, as always, keeping a lookout for lovely things and I found them!

A couple of autumn coloured leaves against a cerulean sky

Heart shaped shadow

Carn Brea through skeleton trees and russet leaves


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A Day Out with Very Dear Friends

Join us on our day out – to St  Ives on the train, one of the best rides ever along the Cornish coast, in St Ives, to Mounts Bay and thence to Chysauster Ancient Village, home for a break and on up to Carn Brea and home for a relaxed and happy dinner with delicious fresh Runner Beans from the garden.  Click on any photo for more detail.


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Teddy Bear, Carn Brea and Brodiaea

Before supper tonight at The Blue Bar we walked on the beach and passed by a Teddy Bear being hauled up the beach on a miniature surfboard.

Teddy on a surf board

Driving home from Porthtowan it is always a joy to see Carn Brea with its castle and monument.

Carn Brea with castle and Bassett Monument

A lovely friend brought me an enormous bunch of Brodiaea which are now on the hall table in a beautiful Jane Hamlyn pot.



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Carn Brea, Sky Kiss and Two Gifts

We had a windy walk around Carn Brea today, away from everything, to allow my brain to settle down! St Euny Church can be seen among the trees from our vantage point at the top. On a clear day the sea can be seen on the North and the South coasts but not today. As well as the views and the flowers  I found a little heart in the dust.

Then we spotted the Sky-kiss left by vapour trails in the sky.

Friends have been so kind and loving over this whole Until the Day Break period. On the first night I was given, by J&M, a lovely bunch of purple, white and green flowers which are still going strong and on the last night, a magnet depicting the strong women we had been representing in the graveyard with our March of the Women song( from D&R) Thank you all.


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Avocado, Carn Brea and Camellia

I haven’t seen an avocado with a lovely green stripe like this before, the stripe here echoing the beautifully coloured flesh inside.dscn9367

I always find it fascinating to see how Carn Brea  Castle and the Bassett Monument appear to change places as we go on our walk around the Great Flat Lode behind our house. Look closely in the second photo and you can see the light right through one of the castle windows.dscn9394 dscn9397

There are lots of Camellias in bloom right now, brightening up quite a gloomy day.dscn9399


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Buddleia, Carn Brea Castle and Baby Snails

The rain stopped and we went out round the back along a short section of The Flat Lode Trail. The Buddleia is now blooming though we didn’t see any butterflies which is quite unusual as it has the nickname Butterfly Bush. The Gorse and the Heather are in bright bloom too.

From the top of the hill we could see Carn Brea castle in the distance and realised that we could see sky right through the window!DSCN3322

On the metal plate of a gate, the lovely Mr S spotted some tiny snails, barely 2 cms across. You can see that they are hardly the size of the rust spots.DSCN3334


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