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Boat Trip, Singing and Sunset

The Ingleheart Singers have been on their annual boat trip tonight and it was brilliant. We all take food to share on the trip out from Falmouth to St Mawes, then we entertain the punters in the local hostelry and then board the boat for the trip back home. We sing all the way back, entertaining those on the quay side, those in their boats and onshore in Falmouth.



Paddling, Painting and Sculpting

Off to St Mawes again today for lunch with my brother and his wife and our youngest daughter, her partner and LiveWire No 4. Paddling and ice creams were the things of choice in the heatwave that is now blowing across the UK.

I enjoyed watching an artist on the road with his palette, painting, I think, one of the pretty cottages but not the sea.

At the beginning of June it was Open Studios and we visited a Woodland Sculpture Garden where I fell in love with a beautiful piece, ‘Finger Labyrinth.’   It has not left my mind and I have pictured it in our garden. Today we went back and bought it and it is now exactly where I had envisioned it and it is perfect.  The garden was great fun for LiveWire No 3 who made her own sculptures.


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King Harry Ferry, Gin and A Woodpecker

Over on the King Harry Ferry today to meet up again with my Brother and SIL, over here from America, in St Mawes, a pretty place even in pouring rain.

A G&T with my lunch!

And home again on the KHF.

Then an peaceful hour bird watching – a lovely variety (they don’t seem to mind the rain) including our first Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in some time.

You’ll have to look carefully to spot the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.


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Ferry to St Mawes with The Live Wires

What a delightful Autumn day with the Live Wires enjoying the ferry to St Mawes and a play on the beach.


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Near and Far, Startling Beauty and Falmouth Art Gallery

1  After a super singing session, I met Mr S and P and we went to Falmouth, quite delightful in the sunshine.

Near and Far – from Pendennis Point over to St Mawes

2   Near Gylly Beach are these amazing flowers! I have never seen anything like them and don’t know what they are. Does anyone?

Whatever is this beautiful flower?

Close up

Lots of them

3   The Art Gallery in Falmouth is free and houses one of my favourite paintings –

Study for The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse 1894

Study for The Lady of Shalott – information

The gallery hosts lots of workshops for children and families. The resulting paintings are professionally framed and hung which absolutely delights me – respect for all art whoever has created it.

Paintings by Falmouth children

A couple of bonus photos today of our beautiful Choir-babies:

Choir Baby E with her Mum

Choir Baby T with his Mum


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St Mawes, Foxes and An Optimist

1   It was our turn to take the ferry over to St Mawes to spend a beautiful day with P&V. The ferryman took us on the scenic route right around Black Rock so we could all see some seals.  The regatta was fun with some beautiful boats.  Please click on any photo to see detail.

A working boat

AA road sign at the garage

Petrol pump at the same garage – click to see the price!

A regatta race goes past P&V’s cottage

2   Such a beautiful evening we had supper outside and saw foxes in the field behind our garden. They look very young and healthy.

Two foxes in the field and rabbits playing statues

Fox in the field

3   The name of this wine appealed to us! Mr S always says, ‘Optimists have more fun’ and so chose this bottle.

Wine for optimists


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Beautiful Day, Agapanthus and Martin Gravestone

1   The sun has shone on us today. We took the twenty minute  ferry ride from Falmouth to St Mawes and the fourteen of us had lunch together on the terrace at The Rising Sun, looking out to the sea.

2   There were beautiful Agapanthus in abundance in St Mawes.

3   On the way home we had a family pilgrimage to Gwennap Churchyard to see the gravestone that inspired Dad to write his first novel, Jeremy Visick.

No photos today as one of the children fell asleep in the study as soon as we got home and is still there, expected to sleep all night!  I’ll add them tomorrow.


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Two Cards, Fabulous ‘Christmas Leftovers Soup’ and Family Visit

1  My lovely sister in Hawaii has made a beautiful Christmas card of her turtle experience and it arrived today and I found the perfect birthday card for my very good friend, Angie, left behind in the North when we moved back home. That delightful ‘pig of happiness’ says it all.

2  For lunch today we had our fabulous ‘Christmas Leftovers Soup’- our favourite meal of the season! The stock has been simmering for two days making the most amazing broth to which I added everything leftover!

3  My sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia emailed to say they have their dates for their visit next year! They’re renting a cottage in St Mawes and my brother and his wife will also come over from Germany to visit at the same time. V&P from Atlanta have not been to the UK for 8 years!

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