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My Sister, A Stream and A Doorway

This morning I sang with my sister who lives in Hawaii! We were both taking part in a Sing for your Heart session run by my choir leader on zoom and it was such a delight to see her and to sing with her! One of the compensatory joys of these strange times! I wonder if you can see which is my kid sister? Answer at the end!

It was another bitterly cold walk today, a different one, just up the road at Gwennap, alongside the stream, up through the village and around the Churchyard where my Dad found the inspiration for his novel, Jeremy Visick. I love this walk as there are so many happy family memories that crowd their way in my head.

A very full stream

I love the stones in this doorless doorway.

Deborah is bottom right in red and beaming her joy at me. Did you find her? Do tell me in the comments.  We could barely sing, the pair of us for the grins on our faces!


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Strawberry Jam, Church Noticeboard and Lettuces

When our lovely friend brought some scones and Cornish cream the other day, we assumed we had some strawberry jam in the freezer but no! We had to use bought jam. ūüôā ¬† ¬† ¬†In our delivery yesterday we bought some beautiful English strawberries and today I have started making the no-cook freezer jam which tastes so fresh and delicious.

We went to visit Gwennap Churchyard in a very heavy rainstorm this afternoon as we have a plan which I shall tell you about if it comes to fruition. On the noticeboard just outside the Churchyard, there is reference to the gravestone that was the inspiration for one of my Dad’s books, The Fate of Jeremy Visick.

Just nearby was a little stall selling beautiful fresh homegrown produce.Loved the ‘living lettuce’ but left it there as we have so much growing at home.


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Gwennap Graveyard, Jeremy Visick and Open Studios

LiveWire 2 has just finished reading one of his Great Grandfather’s books, Jeremy Visick, and wanted to be taken to see the gravestone that inspired my Dad, David Wiseman, to write the story. We found the gravestone to the Martins, looked at the cottage where Matthew lived, walked through the avenue of yew trees, walked by the stream where Matthew’s Dad washed the car, found Wheal Maid…… it was wonderful to hear J quoting from the novel and asking to find the next place!

After lunch we went on another Open Studios tour, mainly because the children wanted to see Nicky throwing pots. They were totally engrossed! We were then encouraged to visit the other Open Studios in the village of Crowan and discovered such treasures РCormorant Reconsidered Furniture where unique and beautiful furniture is to be found. I wish we had room for at least one piece. I just loved the mirrors made by Joanna Moran and the originality of her thought and creativity.  From there we went to visit Martin Douglas Guitars, more beautiful work, this time handmade guitars which were inspiring! The children enjoyed each and every visit but loved the pot throwing the best.  Open Studios continues all next week so there is plenty of time to go and visit!


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Gwennap Church Lych Gate, Sign and Rose

1 ¬† My brother and I started our family history pilgrimage today and went to Gwennap Church and Churchyard where the Martin stone that inspired Dad’s first novel, can be found. ¬†The Lychgate is mentioned in the book, Jeremy Visick. The cross stitched kneelers in the Church were very beautiful and I give you a few here to enjoy. ¬†Click on any photo for detail.

2   On the path as we left the Churchyard was this tiny shiny bit of evidence of a wedding at the weekend.



3   The next part of our journey was to find the first house we lived in when we first came to live in Cornwall when I was 6 and M, my brother, was 11. This beautiful rose was growing nearby. More of the houses in another post.

Wild roses

Wild roses





Stream, Raindrops and Gravestone

1   We love the stream at Gwennap; it is a very special place for all the family and we were there today with Daughter No 1 and Daughter no 3.

The stream at Gwennap, featured in Dad's book, Jeremy Visick

The stream at Gwennap, featured in Dad’s book, Jeremy Visick

2   There were raindrops like tears in the grass by the edge of the stream.

Raindrops like tears in the grass

Raindrops like tears in the grass

3 ¬† We had a walk around the churchyard where the stone that inspired my Dad to write his first novel, “Jeremy Visick” can be found. ¬† I found the wording on another stone, to Johanna Gray, very interesting:

She was an affectionate wife
and a tender mother
and a pattern of kindness
to her neighbours and friends.

A ‘pattern of kindness’ must be that she set an example and was kind to all. I like that. One of the definitions of pattern is ‘¬†A person or thing considered worthy of imitation.’

Gravestone for Johanna Gray of Lanner

Gravestone for Johanna Gray of Lanner, near Redruth


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Beautiful Day, Agapanthus and Martin Gravestone

1   The sun has shone on us today. We took the twenty minute  ferry ride from Falmouth to St Mawes and the fourteen of us had lunch together on the terrace at The Rising Sun, looking out to the sea.

2   There were beautiful Agapanthus in abundance in St Mawes.

3   On the way home we had a family pilgrimage to Gwennap Churchyard to see the gravestone that inspired Dad to write his first novel, Jeremy Visick.

No photos today as one of the children fell asleep in the study as soon as we got home and is still there, expected to sleep all night! ¬†I’ll add them tomorrow.


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