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Magpies, Soup and A Gift

I watched a pair of Magpies from the bedroom window this morning. They were working together to break up some thin prunings, obviously collecting for a nest. They were both working really hard!

Magpies collecting nesting material

I left the squash to roast while we were out and so the delicious soup was very quick to make for lunch. If you’d like the recipe, you can find it here.

Thai Spiced Squash soup

A small packet arrived today –  the gift of a DVD of the play ‘Jeremy Visick’, derived from my Dad’s book,  that I saw at the beginning of the month and wrote about here. The writer and producer also sent me the script to enjoy at leisure. What a very kind and much appreciated gesture.

A very special DVD


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Thank you Letter, Glass and My Dad

Our kids invariably complained when asked to write Thank you letters but I know they meant something special to my Mum and Dad as I discovered a box full of them when we sorted Dad’s things many years ago.  I know even more now how special they were as on Saturday we received a beautiful Thank you letter from one of our LiveWires. It will go into my ‘things to keep’ box.

On the back it says, “Thank you Granny and Grandgrand xx

For Christmas I received all the equipment I need to make pretty glass things without going to more classes. I have just finished my first piece done at home. It will look better hanging with the light through it but I have yet to source the rings for that purpose.

New glass piece with upcycled earrings

On this day in 1916 my Dad was born. He died in December 2004. It doesn’t matter how long ago you lost someone, there are moments when their loss feels like yesterday. We are so lucky to have all his books on our shelves so he is always with us.

Pueblo story-teller and novels by David Wiseman


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Hat Pin, Thimbles and Missing Loved Ones

Sorting yet another drawer today, I found this beautiful hat pin.

Silver and feathers

There has been correspondence in The Guardian recently about The Peterloo Massacre and the fact that this topic is so little known about and is rarely taught in schools. (Is that so, G?) I was reminded of one of my Father, David Wiseman’s,  novels and set to this afternoon to re-read it. It’s brilliant! It was published here in the UK, in America and in Denmark and here are the various covers.

Reading it, I could hear my Daddy’s voice, see the cottage they once lived in, recognise characteristics of both my Mum and Dad in two of the characters, walk along the Coombe with the main character down to the sea and see again my Mum’s beautiful collection of thimbles. Quite an afternoon.

Missing someone


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Sketch, Cookie Cutters and A Leaf

We have had a sketch book of my Dad’s for many years and I thought I had taken out and given away the various sketches. I brought it down today so that the LiveWires can use the paper for their delightful drawings and discovered another of dad’s drawings, of Wheal Busy. My Dad was an author of children’s books and adult historical romances – a man of many talents.

Wheal Busy dated 4/vii/80

I sent for some new biscuit cutters so will have fun with the LiveWires making Autumn biscuits.

Biscuit cutters

A lovely Autumn leaf found on my walk today.

Red leaf


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Peace, A New Book and More Embroidery

Yesterday we collected flat pebbles at Portreath and today LiveWire T wrote kind and loving  words on them.


This morning the family went to visit The Poldark Mine and found it fascinating. I couldn’t go as I had to go to my Pilates class which helps me stay mobile!  LiveWire J was full of information that he had learned and was very struck by the fact that boys his age had to go down the mine to work!  We feel that the time is ripe for him to be given my Dad’s, his Great Grandfather’s novel, Jeremy Visick to read. He has promised to look after it and to tell me how he gets on with it.


LiveWire T has continued to work on her free embroidery and is taking great care with each stitch. This is our last day with them so we will need to finish it off early tomorrow morning before they leave at 9.30.



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Bookshops, Libraries and Stories

1  I love bookshops!

So often, a visit to a bookshop

2   I came across another quotation the other day and loved it too:
“What I love most about libraries is that the books can only be borrowed, but the knowledge and inspiration they contain are yours to keep.”  Anthony Breznican

I was an avid reader as a child and read so quickly my parents sometimes quizzed me to see if I really had read the whole book!  I had the kind of memory that if I wanted to check a fact, I could picture whereabouts in the book and whereabouts on the page that piece of information could be found. I read everything available in the Children’s library and had to get special permission to get books from the adult library and there I discovered Dorothy L Sayers’ thrillers, Emma Orczy’s Scarlet Pimpernel and Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers!  If only I could read as fast now – my pile of ‘to-reads’ is getting higher and higher. I wonder if you, dear reader, also have piles to go before you sleep!

3    Watching Daughter No 3 read to her daughter, Grandbaby B, on Skype, reminds me of my Dad reading to me, us reading to our four and the joy of story. I give you again, my special bookshelf of all the books for children (and some for adults) that my lovely Dad, David Wiseman,  wrote, a legacy indeed.


I shall have to take a better photo tomorrow so that you can read all the titles.


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Goldfinches, Gift and Rainbow Vegetables (and Cor Serenata)

1   I managed to catch a couple of Goldfinches at the feeder this morning.



2   Today I have posted off a copy of one of my Dad’s books, ‘Moonglow’, to Cor Serenata, the Welsh choir who visited us last August, as a small thank you present for such a lovely weekend. I’ve only just realised that I didn’t post about the concert! See below for a gallery.

'Moonglow' and 'Lleuwedd'

‘Moonglow’ and ‘Lleuwedd’

3   The vegetables all chopped for Roast Veg with Halloumi looked so lovely, almost all colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow Vegetables

Rainbow Vegetables

The visit of Cor Serenata which was such fun!



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