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One Day


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Buddleia, A Mural and Seed Heads

A brave bit of Buddleia was sprouting out over the harbour in Falmouth this afternoon.

Lone Buddleia

There was a new mural on the wall from the car park into town.

Walking along above Gylly Beach later, the views were beautiful, as always.

Agapanthus seed heads



Spider’s Web, Nasturtium and Millet

It rained overnight and left our garden covered in diamonds. My turn to make the tea, I was down very early and went out in my pjs to take these photos. As soon as the sun came up the diamonds disappeared.

It was the Web between the Agapanthus buds that first caught my eye.

Raindrops 1

Next, I noticed the Nasturtiums, themselves already jewel coloured and then embellished with diamond drops.

Raindrops 2

And then the Millet, encrusted with the same shiny beauties.

Raindrops 3

I was very glad to have been the early bird this morning, starting my day with such soul-pleasing beauty.


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Cornish Pasty, Blue and Sunshine

I know – I grew up in Cornwall and came home again 10 years ago but today was my first attempt at making Cornish pasties!  I was inspired by Ark and followed a video (, having bought all the correct ingredients yesterday. They didn’t look quite right as my pastry was too friable and thin (apparently I should use strong bread flour for the pastry) but my golly, they tasted good!  I shall be trying again………

My first ever Cornish pasty

The White Lupins are nearly over and we have twenty two blue Agapanthus flowers on the point of opening to take their place in that bed.

Agapanthus, Day Lilies and Everlasting Cornflowers

These days of sunshine and golden light day after day, the way the sun moves from coming in at the kitchen window at the back of our house in the morning to streaming the sunset rays through the front into the sitting room and our bedroom – all remind me of this lovely poem by Linda Pastan. I first discovered her work last April.

In the Kingdom of Midas – Linda Pastan

If you follow the sun
from room to room,
wading in the pools
of light spilled
by that tawny,
molten river,

if you move all day
from east
to west, from kitchen
to study to bed,
by afternoon you’ll see
the bedposts touched

and changed to sheaves of wheat,
and the children born
and nourished there will be
golden tongued
and golden headed.

For you the moon has always been
the pale,
homely sister.
You tell your rosary
in saffron beads of light,

and though one day
you’ll drown
in shade, the sun
will leave its heavy coins
on your closed lids


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Exhibition, Bee and Butterfly

The Cornish Studies Library in Redruth now has our Perthi Kov Exhibition of the people we researched for  ‘Until the Day Break’, all  put together by Lesley Trotter and me and designed by Anna Oliver. It looks good in this venue! If you are local, go in and have a look. If you are from somewhere else in the world, please click on the photo to be able to read about our fascinating characters.

Bees and butterflies are enjoying our Agapanthus flowers as are we.

Honey bee on Agapanthus

Large White butterfly on Agapanthus

Agapanthus with Crocosmia


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Blue Tit, Trebah Gardens and Redruth

I love the Crinodendron tree. It has flowers, seed pods and new baby flower buds all at the same time. A Blue Tit came to get the seeds this morning. The photo was taken on maximum zoom through the kitchen window.


We promised ourselves a day out for our Wedding Anniversary which is on Friday but we are busy then so today we went off to Trebah Gardens, a 26-acre sub-tropical garden with four miles of paths. I think we walked all four miles today, meandering down the valley to the beach and up and around every path in sight – a fabulous day!  Join us through the gallery. Click on any photo for greater detail.

Later, we popped into Redruth for a couple of things and were struck by how lovely the hanging baskets are this year.DSCN4557


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All the Little Live-Wires, Border and Seed Head

It is magic at our house tonight – all four of our Grandchildren are here at the same time! This has never happened before and they are having such fun together and we are all very happy!

All four together

All four together

Playing together

Playing together

The border in the middle is suddenly bright and beautiful.

Colourful border

Colourful border – Cosmos, Agapanthus and Crocosmia Lucifer

The Clematis is finished and the seed-heads are just lovely.

Clematis seed-head

Clematis seed-head


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Canary Creeper, Cherry Tomatoes and Agapanthus

My Mum loved the joke of growing Canary Creeper,Tropaeolum peregrinum, in this old bird cage. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I have been successful in growing the little yellow bird-like flowers in Mum’s bird cage.

Canary Creeper in Mum's old bird cage

Canary Creeper in Mum’s old bird cage

2  The tiny cherry tomatoes are reddening up in the hanging basket. We will be able to have one each quite soon! Cheery tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

3   I think the shape of this nearly open blue Agapanthus is quite remarkable and very beautiful.  I’ll show you again when it opens right up.

Agapanthus about to open

Agapanthus about to open



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Day Lily, Agapanthus and Happy Thoughts

1   Several yellow Day Lilies have opened at once brightening up that patch of garden.

Day Lily

Day Lily


2   The blue of the Agapanthus is lovely against the background of the rest of the garden.



3   I am uncharacteristically low today – really missing my brother.

Think happy thoughts

Think happy thoughts, thanks Shiree



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Arch, Agapanthus and A Butterfly

1 We were only away a week and the garden has grown and grown! There are so many beans to harvest and the arch is almost completely covered. You might just make out the new horse that is being kept in the field at the back.

Clematis over the arch

Clematis over the arch

2 The Agapanthus are opening at last.

Opening Agapanthus

Opening Agapanthus

3 This pretty little creature was around the garden most of the afternoon but was very hard to catch on camera. I love its furry little body.

Moth or butterfly?

Moth or butterfly? Can anyone identify this one for me?


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