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Pussy Willow, Spring Flowers and A Sign

We popped into town today and passed some lovely Pussy Willows for sale, such pretty buds and flowers. I wish we had room for one in our garden.

The tulips are flowering – rather early I think.

This sign amused me and I need to remember its advice.


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Bulbs, Scent and A Film

It has been a beautiful Autumn day today, cold, bright and sunny and I spent some time planting bulbs for a beautiful Spring.  So far I have planted up four of our chimney pots. The pictures are from the packets of bulbs………..

There are just five rather raggedy and weather beaten Clematis Montana Elizabeth flowers but their scent carries right along the path.

We have been to see a brilliant and very disturbing film this evening, “Sorry We Missed You” directed by Ken Loach. There was a live streamed Q&A afterwards with Ken Loach, the writer Paul Laverty and the four main actors. That was as passionate and hard hitting as the film which you really must see if at all possible. It is a heartbreaking record of so many lives today and why we in the UK need a change of government.


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Translucence, Baby Peppers and A Bee

Our beautiful Narcissi, brought to us by a lovely friend, are dying but in such a lovely way – the white petals are becoming translucent so that the orange cup behind can be seen.


I bought some baby peppers for a meal this week and they look fabulous in the blue of a Jane Hamlyn bowl.

Bowl of baby peppers

There have been several bees around today. The Muscari seem to be very popular.

Bee on the Muscari


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Six on Saturday – All Around Us

Spring is happening all around us, in little bursts that get bigger each week. In our own garden, the Crocuses, Snowdrops and Tete a Tete are coming into their own.

1.  The Strawberry plants in our double wall herb garden have become a weed, choking off lots of little Spring bulbs. I spent a couple of hours stripping out the strawberries and their runners making room for more Spring to shine through.

2.  Beautiful Muscari with Snowdrops behind. The green fencing is to keep cats off the soil. Whenever it is cleared, in they come. Does anyone have good (kind) ways to keep them off?

Muscari, also freed with room to grow

3.  More Tete a Tete are coming through the Thyme in the herb garden.

Mini Daffodils coming up through the Thyme

In neighbours’ gardens I have seen Hellebores, Camellias and a gorgeous fully blossomed Cherry Tree.






Cherry Tree

Single blossom

I am taking part in the Six on Saturday postings started by the Propagator. Go to his site to find the links to other contributions from all over the world.



Minton Tiles, Lettuces and Spring Flowers

It has been a glorious sunny Spring day and I have spent much of it in the garden, tidying up and doing a bit of planting as the lovely Mr S continues to get the boat ready for launch next week.    I have cleared out the veg trug and collected several old tiles from around the garden, all of which were my Mum’s and I have decorated the trug with the Minton tiles. I’ll show you the others another day.

I have planted some herbs and half a dozen lettuces. I buy ‘living lettuce’ plants from the super-market and plant them as we don’t have a greenhouse to raise our own baby plants from seed.  They have been very successful in the past.


I picked a lovely little bunch of Spring flowers for Easter weekend.

My Easter flowers

A sad P.S.   Our friend J was right in his thoughts that our little Bullfinch might be poorly. I checked on the RSPB website and discovered the problem. They advise removing all sources of food and water for three weeks so that the infection won’t be passed on and sterilising the feeders (which we do clean regularly). So, there won’t be any bird photos for a while. Thanks to J for pointing us in the right direction.


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Barry Hines, Rainbow and Spring Border

It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Barry Hines, the author of ‘A Kestrel for a Knave”. My copy is well thumbed and well loved and I have read it many, many times with classes of fifteen year olds who loved it as much as I did. The story spoke to my teenagers in Yorkshire and their eyes, like mine, would be full of tears when Billy finds that his beloved kestrel, Kes, has been murdered by his bullying big brother. If you have never read it, then I suggest you do. It is a remarkable piece of writing and made an excellent film, Kes, too.

A Kestrel For a Knave by Barry Hines

A Kestrel For a Knave by Barry Hines

My treasures in the print case were lit up by rainbows from my Rainbow Maker today and I managed to catch a moment when the rainbow passed over my three wise monkeys. In the same shot you will see a heart stone. I was given this by a complete stranger when shopping in a mall in America. She came up to me saying, ‘My name is Sally and I feel a connection between us. I would like to give you this heart in remembrance of our fleeting friendship.” We chatted for a few moments and then she was gone……

Three Wise Monkeys caught in a flash of rainbow

Three Wise Monkeys caught in a flash of rainbow. I like how one doesn’t want to smell the colours and the next seems almost blinded by the brightness!

There is also a half-crown from the year that we were married and a little Mevagissey fisherman (one of a pair) that my Dad gave me when I was five or six and I have treasured ever since.

It has been a glorious day and the border outside our kitchen is looking lovely.

Fritillaria, Tete a Tete and Muscari

Fritillaria, Tete a Tete and Muscari




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Chocolate Fingers, Family and Grape Hyacinth

1   The April Fool eggs that I made yesterday went down very well with the greatest hilarity happening when their Daddy came to breakfast a bit later and the children were able to play the April Fool joke on him. Their faces were a picture!

Sticky fingers

Sticky fingers

2   It is so lovely to laugh with someone and even better when the someones are family and that they only exist because of us!

Laughing with someone

Laughing with someone

3   The Grape Hyacinths are now flowering, just overlapping with the various daffodils.

Bi-colour Muscari

Bi-colour Muscari


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Up through the flowers

Looking up into the sky through the Muscari

Looking up through the Muscari


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