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Guest Blogger back again!

I am back! This is my first full day in Cornwall as we got back yesterday at 10 pm! In the morning we went to visit the allotment to replant a tiny tomato plant, protect the growing vegetables and scatter some seeds to create a flower bed!

We found some beautiful flowers in other people’s allotments. Their colours made it finally feel like spring – I missed those bursts of colour and patterns so it was great to see some dancing in the sun!

Later on, we had some delicious, classic, fish and chips. I noticed the gorgeously artistic napkin holders made out of different coloured beads which is something I hadn’t seen before but I thought it was really cool and now I think I’m going to have to find some of my own. Although I think they’re one of a kind!

Some of the fine beadwork made by the women in Mapoch, S Africa, where we did our volunteering in 2006


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Contrast, Bee and Blossom

We are loving how the tulips are now taking over from the Tete a Tete in the wall border outside the kitchen window.

It’s good to hear the buzzing of bees in the garden.

The evening sun lights up the blossom on our new Amanagowa cherry tree.


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Pussy Willow, Spring Flowers and A Sign

We popped into town today and passed some lovely Pussy Willows for sale, such pretty buds and flowers. I wish we had room for one in our garden.

The tulips are flowering – rather early I think.

This sign amused me and I need to remember its advice.


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Misty, Moisty Morning, Dewdrops and Flowers

The day started with mists stretching right to the horizon so that the fields behind were almost totally shrouded, only one of three just visible.

Across the garden to the fields beyond

The Tulip flowers were bejewelled with tiny diamond dewdrops.

Tulip and dew

And so were the Muscari………

Muscari and dewdrops

The rest of the day was as glorious as yesterday and we worked again, planting and weeding and had our first lunch this year outside in the sunshine.



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Spring Day, Flowers and SallyBoots

It has been a glorious Spring day – blue skies, sunshine and warmth!  Let’s hope it lasts. We have worked in the garden all day and it is looking better!

Look how warm it has been today!

Spring garden

Can anyone identify this for me, please? They are about 30cms tall.

I knitted some booties for a young friend’s first baby and today I received this photo of her very beautiful daughter wearing the SallyBoots.

Beautiful baby wearing SallyBoots


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A Dragon, A Fence and Spring Flowers

In glorious Spring sunshine I walked to deliver a card and found so many beautiful things, just nearby, almost on our doorstep – first a dragon leaning up against a wall,


next, a decorated fence…..


and lastly today, a beautiful blue planter full of Spring colour.




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Today in our Garden

I love the colour in our Spring garden!

Click on any photo for the bigger picture.


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Golden Hour, Shakespeare’s Birthday and Suffragette Garden

1    It’s lovely that the days are so much longer and that we now get the evening sunshine across the back garden. This was truly a golden hour.



2    Today is Shakespeare’s Birthday and also the date of his death. He was born in 1564 and died in 1616 so all those wonderful plays and poems were written by the time he reached 52!  The Globe Theatre in London have made this delicious looking cake in his honour.

Globe cake by Shakespeare's Globe

Globe cake by Shakespeare’s Globe

3   My Suffragette garden, planted in purple, white and green to honour the Suffragettes, especially my Great Granny who was imprisoned in Holloway for her actions, is looking beautiful at the moment as the purple tulips are joining the white ones.



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Tulips, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Bird House

1   The cream and white tulips in my Suffragette garden are  looking beautiful with raindrops decorating them.

2   A friend sent me a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson today which I really liked. Here it is for you.

live in the sunshine

Having now looked him up, I find there are many, many of his thoughts that I appreciate. I think his words will feature here again.

3   The bird house that we put up last Spring has residents! It looks as if a Blue tit couple has approved it. We have seen them coming and going over the last few days and are very hopeful that they will make it their family home.

Lighthouse bird house

Lighthouse bird house






On the Radio, Seeds and A New Birdhouse


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