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Walk, Wildlife and Three Daft Monkeys Gig

We have had a fabulous walk with our friend today along the SW Coast path around St Anthony Head.


We are off now to Falmouth Pavilions to the Three Daft Monkeys cd launch event! Dancing all night!



Peace, Tree Festival and A Wild Sea

What a delightful evening of words and music, a shared meal and friendship at The Mylor Mix last night with an emphasis on working for Peace in whatever way we can.

We were in Falmouth for a good friend’s birthday lunch today with wild winds and seas and discovered in the gardens of the Princess Pavilions, the trees all ready for the Christmas Tree festival later this evening.The labels tell you which community group made the decorations, all on the theme of Cinderella.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

The girls dancing here had to be very careful indeed! The ledge is less than 3″ wide.


Dancers at Princess Pavilion in Falmouth being very careful indeed

To see more in this Challenge, click this link.


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Changing Mat, 100 Chinese Children and Another Phone Box

1    Yesterday we bought a new changing mat. To me, this is beautiful as it means we have a baby Granddaughter visiting very soon!

2    When we stayed with my sister in Phoenix last year she gave me a beautiful embroidery which we have just put up in the room in which the Grandchildren sleep. It is very detailed and lovely and shows children playing at some kind of celebration.

Googling the legend, I discovered that “These wall hangings depict not only the life of Chinese children but also the Chinese legend of 100 children. In the wall hanging, there are 99 individual children, but together they are one. The legend of 100 Children brings good luck as 100 is considered a lucky number and represents bounty and abundance.”

I have counted and there are 99 children!

3   Driving through Blackwater today, I discovered another old ‘phone box, this one being used as the Village notice board! For anyone that missed the other delight, you can find it here

Just a short PS…..   Yesterday’s gig, Mike and the Mechanics, was fabulous! I haven’t danced so much in ages, spent the evening with a smile on my face and came home quite euphoric! A beautiful evening and the view above to boot ……..

and afterwards we went to listen to the sea lapping on the shore – utter bliss! How lucky we are.


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The Vegetable Patch, Clematis and Mark Steel

1   The broad beans are up about 3″ and I’ve planted Limnanthus (Poached egg plant) between the rows to attract the hover flies which are supposed to eat the aphids! I planted the leeks today in their deep holes in one raised bed and had some left over so I’ve put them in the salad bed quite close together so we can have some baby leeks earlier than the others.

Leeks in their holes

2   All the time I was working in the vegetable garden, wafts of Clematis scent came drifting across – quite delightful.


3   Mark Steek was in town tonight, well, in Falmouth. Both before and after the show, we walked along the sea front and heard the sea breaking on the shore. From 8 until 11.30, Mark Steel kept the packed theatre laughing!

It was so sad to smell the smoke and see the tortured remains of the Falmouth Beach Hotel which had such a terrible fire on 30th April. Fortunately all missing people have now been traced but so many lives and jobs will have been affected.


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