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Six on Saturday – Planting for Perfume

I was inspired by a blogging friend, Ute, to blog about the scents in our garden. I always want plants to give me more than one thing – colour, scent, texture, flowers, berries and we have lots that have scent as their first attribute. The main scented flowers are just outside the kitchen and along the steps up to the garden.

1. Heliotrope – also known as Cherry Pie because that is the scent.

2. Lavender – you’ll all know this one

3. Nemesia – smells of vanilla, a favourite of mine.

4. Sweet Peas  – smell of honey

5.  Dianthus – a sweet clove scent

6. Night scented Stock, a favourite from my childhood and a perfume know as Night Flowers to Daughter No 2 who in toddlerhood would wake up in the night. She was taken out to smell the Night Flowers and would then settle.

and there are all the herbs which are lovely to brush by – Sage, Rosemary, Mint and various Thymes, from next door’s garden, Jasmine and from a bit further away, the gorgeous smell of newly cut grass.

To read about lots of other gardeners and their gardens from all over the world, visit The Propagator who hosts the Six on Saturday.


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Peace, Lemon Drizzle Cake and Lavender

1    I have a collection of poems called ‘Poems for Peace’ which I have had since 1986 and it seems appropriate to give you this one today.

Peace – A Piece of Cake by Zara Garrod

Peace needs no poppies (plastic or paper),
Peace needs no pipe or hate cultivator,
Peace needs no power, posters or peril,
Peace is the flower, fruition and fuel.

Peace is tranquility, amity, harmony
Peace is humanity, sanity, life.
Peace needs no anthem, peace is a lullaby,
Peace is our prayer and peace is our pie.

You can take a piece of cake, 
Without the knife. 
Use your fingers.

2   I took a Lemon Drizzle Cake to a lovely shared lunch with our Humanists group today. We served it with Cornish clotted cream and it was delicious!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake


3    I looked on the web to find a picture that suggested peace and decided that I have plenty of my own images which are as good if not better for the purpose so I give you here a beautiful field of Lavender, the herb that is said to promote a sense of peace and stability as well as freedom from mental and emotional stress. Sounds good to me. Here’s wishing you, Dear Reader, peace and happiness.

Field of lavender

Field of lavender



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Father’s Day, Purple and Singing ‘Soldier’s Farewell’

1    Lovely cards and phone calls today for Mr S and my dear Dad (1916-2004) in my head all day.

2    Purple is one of my favourite colours (along with green – which with white, makes up the Suffragette colours, of which more in another post) Do click on the photo to see the furriness of the centre section, it’s so beautiful!

What’s left when the poppy petals have all dropped

Beautiful French Lavender

I wish you could smell this as well as see it – so lovely.

3   Singing tonight with the Treggies blew a touch of the blues away! We laugh, we sing and we sometimes cry! One song, ‘The Soldier’s Farewell’ is particularly moving and was, apparently, also sung by Cornish tin miners on the station as they were about to emigrate and leave their families far behind.


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Subdued Light, Rabbit on the Line and Old Telephone Box

1   The sun/warmth didn’t last beyond a day but that did mean a beautiful subdued light for some flower photos this morning. Thanks to fellow photography bloggers for the hints about avoiding sunlight, early or late giving better shots, David Heilmann at and Russel Ray Photos.

Drops of dew on the clematis

Magnificent aquilega

French Lavender

2   It amuses me to see Max’s rabbit (a bit out of focus) on the line next door. There are two more indoors so that he is never without!

Drying rabbit

3   Driving into Truro through Greenbottom, I have been intrigued by this old phone box. Today the traffic was light enough to allow me to park and investigate. It’s a little library/book swap! What a fabulous use for the beautiful old box. Next time I’m there I shall take a few books to exchange at the exchange..

Kenwyn Book Exchange!

Inside the Kenwyn Book Exchange


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