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Story Books, Coffee Pot and Raindrops

You may have gathered that my parents were auction aficionados – I have mentioned a number of their bargain buys before. These books came in a job lot and became mine and I just loved them. I think some of my love of Egypt came from reading these stories and some from my visits to the Truro Museum.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

Our first foreign holiday with our children, teenagers all, was to Egypt and there we bought this lovely plate and coffee pot and six tiny coffee cups.

Tray and coffee pot from Egypt

Tray and coffee pot from Egypt




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Lovers’ Lane, Evening Sky and Green (Weekly photo challenge) and a P.S.

1   Just down the road from us is a path we can take to town, called Lovers’ Lane. That name pleases me.

Lovers’ Lane

2 A beautiful sky tonight.

Evening sky

3   There are so many beautiful shades of green and so many beautiful names for those colours – jade, turquoise, chartreuse, emerald, aquamarine, beryl, pea, olive, malachite, moss, and lime….

P.S. I don’t comment on news, politics or religion in this blog (and those who know me know that in real life I do that all the time!) but tonight I just want to say how my heart goes out to all those Egyptian families who have lost a child or maybe more than one in that terrible coach/train accident. I don’t have many readers of my blog in Egypt but I want to send love from one parent to another, to send love and strength for coping with this, to just tell you how my heart aches for you all.


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Beautiful Message, Puy Lentils and The Family Bible

1  I received a beautiful message from Ammar this morning that has set me up for the day.  He was saying thank you for the lovely time we all spent together last week

2   I made the simplest and one of the most tasty lunches today – Puy Lentils with Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella and we ate it with a selection of leaves from our garden.

3    I had an email from my brother today about our reunion in July and asking if he could take The Family Bible back to Munich with him as it should be with him as he is the oldest of the four of us. That prompted me to go to it to have another look. A Family Bible has pages between the Old and New Testaments for the family to record Births, Marriages and Deaths so this is an invaluable family document. It was a present to my Great Grandmother on her marriage in 1885.  There is a red marker between Luke IX and X but unfortunately I don’t know its significance.

I am a Humanist, not a Christian, nevertheless I find this a most beautiful book. It contains some amazing historical coloured maps of biblical regions, which have changed dramatically over the last 128 years.

Have a look through the gallery below for lots of fascinating photos.


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