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Emily’s Cake, Hay-Making and Pies

Regular readers will know that I love to use edible flowers in salads, desserts and cakes. This morning a blogger friend, Arkenaten,  posted one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen, made by his daughter, Emily and with their permission, I show it to you here. What a beautiful creation with a rich abundance of colour and shapes! I’m not sure I would be able to cut into it – it’s a piece of art!

Wow! Emily’s edible-flower-cake

We’ve been listening to the local farmer harvesting over the last couple of days and loving the smell of the freshly mown hay. By the end of today, it is all in bales and the sheep are already enjoying it!

For our picnic tomorrow evening at The Minack Theatre prior to the performance, I have made some Rustic Mini pies, chicken and leek. Most of them will be frozen away for later!

Chicken and Leek Mini Pies


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New Planting, Echinacea and Supper

I have planted up the edible trough for the winter – winter flowering Violas, baby Lettuce plants and some Winter Lettuce seeds under the cover. Still in there are the self sown Nasturtium (for as long as it lasts), the Borage, Chives and the three different Thyme plants.

Echinacea is a lovely flower at this time of year. We are working out where to plant this one.

Supper tonight was a Prawn, Pepper and Spinach Stir fry with rice noodles – very tasty!


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Fire, Fresh Veg and A Cake

It was so cold last night that we lit the woodburner, in July!


All the vegetables tonight came from our  raised beds – potatoes, Mangetouts, Dwarf Beans and Curly Kale and for dessert, Chocolate Mud Cake with just picked Raspberries.

Instead of layering up the cake I made with T earlier, I froze one half which today I have defrosted and iced  to have with our raspberries.


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In the Garden in December

The lovely Mr S has been out into the rather damp garden to find me some beautiful things as I am laid up with some vile lurgy that has knocked the stuffing out of me. Postings may be sporadic over the next few day and I apologise to followers for no beautiful things yesterday.

Yellow spike on the Canna Lily

Hiding Hare

Pansy in the edibles trough


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Serenity, Day Lily and Violas

Just beyond the car park where I park to sing on Thursday mornings, is a garden where this statue stands, speaking to me of Serenity.

Statue in nearby garden

Our white garden is fading and blues and oranges are taking over that patch.

Day Lily

The veg trough is full! We need to eat more salads and I need to bake more cakes so that I can decorate both with Violas.

Edible flowers for cake decoration or in salads




Birthday Cake, Cat and Colours

I baked a cake using a new recipe today and it turned out very well indeed. It was a Birthday cake for a dear friend who will be 99 in a couple of weeks but we will be away on the date so we had a mini party this afternoon – Cornish cream tea followed by Chocolate, Date and Coffee cake, decorated with (edible) Primroses from our garden.

Birthday cake for Ti ready to be transported

One of their three cats was curled up happily in a basket.

Cat in a basket

Nicky showed us around her potting studio and I photographed just one of her stunning pots.

Beautiful dish by potter, Nicky Stephenson

The border outside was a riot of colours, yellow and purple in profusion.

Narcissus Jonquilla and Aubretia

PS. For those who read about my beautiful Chappelle plate a couple of days ago,  I  found the potters! I emailed and was truly delighted to get the following in reply.

“Thank you Sally. It’s a tray I personally did many years ago. I’m happy you are still enjoying it.

We closed Chappelle Gallery Jan 15th after 17 years. I was needing a break and we were wanting to do some things before we couldn’t.

HAPPY VALLEY POTTERY is still open. We are at a slower pace at our age.
Thanks Kathy Chappelle
Happy Valley Pottery



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Mount’s Bay, Nigella and Borage

After going to Apple Crumble in Penzance to collect our mended iMac,we stopped off in Mounts Bay, one of our favourite places. We watched the activity in the bay and had the most delicious ice creams. 

 Everything in the garden grew like crazy while we were in London. The Love-in-a-mist, the Nigella is all in flower. The structure of these flowers is quite exquisite.

 The Borage is flowering too. I love using the beautiful blue flowers in salads. 



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Edibles, Colour and Scent

1   We have a new raised bed just outside the kitchen where I am growing edible flowers and small salad leaves. So far the Rocket and Pak Choi have sprouted, the Nasturtiums are doing well and the Violas are pretty – I did buy them as flowering plants..

The new raised bed for edibles

The new raised bed for edibles

2   The front garden is full of colour and is lovely as you approach the house……….

Colourful patch in the front garden

Colourful patch in the front garden

3  …………  and the best thing is that it all smells divine too. The Wallflowers are really strong, the Bluebells have a quite heady scent when all together and the Clematis Montana Elizabeth smells a bit vanillary. I wish you could share in the sensory delight!

Clematis Montana Elizabeth

Clematis Montana Elizabeth


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Poppy, Flower Salad and A Gift

1    Poppies have self-seeded throughout our vegetable garden and are quite glorious amongst the green.

Feathery poppy

Feathery poppy

2   The mixed red and green lettuces  are this year untouched by slugs (so far!) and make a delicious salad along with some peppery nasturtiums and delicate white borage flowers.

Edible flower salad

Edible flower salad

3    Our neighbours have a glut of courgettes (as opposed to our pathetic specimens which are rotting on the stems) and  a gift of gorgeous shiny green courgettes was brought round this afternoon. Just one became our supper, stuffed with rice, herbs, tomatoes and peas covered with cheese then with roasted pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sesame seeds and slivers of almonds and served with the colourful salad – delicious. Thanks to Jim and  djdfr for the recipe idea)

Stuffed courgettes

Stuffed courgettes


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape – into our Flower-filled Cornish Lanes

Our Cornish hedges are filled with colour at the moment, pinks, whites and blues abound with golds and soft yellows and the lime greens of new leaf growth.  As we drive by, these all become beautiful blurs of mixed hues so I walked around the block, as it were, to capture the colours for you. I wish I could also bring you the quietness, the birdsong, the smells and the peace that came with taking all these photos for you.  Click on any photo for more detail.


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