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Magnolia, St George and Supper

The Magnolias at the garden centre were beautifully in flower

I always enjoy seeing St George and the Dragon in the car park. He is carved from an old tree trunk.

St George and the Dragon

I read the recipe for tonight’s supper in this morning’s paper. We had all the ingredients and it was as colourful and scrumptious as it sounded.

Preparing for Leek and Tomato Crumble, Nigel Slater’s recipe




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Poppy, Flower Salad and A Gift

1    Poppies have self-seeded throughout our vegetable garden and are quite glorious amongst the green.

Feathery poppy

Feathery poppy

2   The mixed red and green lettuces  are this year untouched by slugs (so far!) and make a delicious salad along with some peppery nasturtiums and delicate white borage flowers.

Edible flower salad

Edible flower salad

3    Our neighbours have a glut of courgettes (as opposed to our pathetic specimens which are rotting on the stems) and  a gift of gorgeous shiny green courgettes was brought round this afternoon. Just one became our supper, stuffed with rice, herbs, tomatoes and peas covered with cheese then with roasted pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sesame seeds and slivers of almonds and served with the colourful salad – delicious. Thanks to Jim and  djdfr for the recipe idea)

Stuffed courgettes

Stuffed courgettes


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Iris, Cinquain Challenge and A Vegetarian Supper

1  Outside the Co-op were bunches of flowers with this beautiful Iris among them.

Iris among the Co-op flowers

2  It’s such fun to have a post ‘liked’ by someone and to discover another gem! Lilli, whom you will find  here, reminded me of the poet Adelaide Crapsey and showed me her beautiful poem, November Night. This reminded me of some of the English lessons I used to teach about the Haiku and other syllable counted poems. Adelaide Crapsey invented the Cinquain, a five line poem which she felt suited the rhythms of English/American better than the Japanese forms.

The Cinquain follows the pattern of 2,4,6,8,2 syllables in its 5 lines and I decided to try one right now as I watch Mr S mow the lawn for what is probably the last time this year.

Looking Out of my Open Window

Green grass,

Last mow this year.

Smelling fresh and Spring-like

Although being Winter-readied.

Smart lawn.

Fancy trying your hand at one? Let’s see how many we can get in and I’ll make a special post for them!

Beautifully mown lawn

3   A delicious vegetarian dish created by The Hairy Bikers:

Peppers with Mushrooms and Halloumi


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