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A Bench, A Bouquet and Peace

For years we have wondered about having somewhere to commemorate my Mum and Dad and have thought that a bench near Gwennap Church where Dad found his inspiration for his best seller, “Jeremy Visick” would be just perfect. The stream that runs by is mentioned in the story too and the place really is special to all the family. Today, with the blessing of the Vicar, we met the Church warden to discuss how this can happen and where to site the bench – just to the right of the one that is there already.  So delighted that this project is finally going to happen. I’ll keep you informed as things progress.

A friend sent a message today to say that in her clearing out she has found some single earrings and can I use them in my glass projects? Yes, I can! I’ve left a little bunch of sweet peas on the doorstep in exchange.

The following words seem right in these strange and discombobulating times. I have posted them before, some four years ago.



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Three Lovely Plates

We inherited these three beautiful plates – the pretty orange tree one, commemorating the birth of a Dutch Princess, Julianna, from a Dutch Uncle on my other half’s side of the family, the Gwennap Church one from my folks who lived in Sunny Corner near Gwennap and the Susie Cooper one from my Granny.

Julianna born 30th April 1909

Julianna born 30th April 1909

The bell tower stands away from the Church and is very unusual

The bell tower stands away from the Church and is very unusual

Susy Cooper hors d'oeuvre dish

Susie Cooper hors d’oeuvre dish



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