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First photo driving home from Truro and catching the view of Carn Brea from Station Hill,  Redruth, just as the sun slipped below the horizon, on a long zoom:

Carn Brea at sunset

Then as the sky turned pink, from the back bedroom window:

Tonight’s sunset


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Blue Sky, Shadow and Carn Brea

On my two mile walk back from delivering our car to the garage early this morning, I was, as always, keeping a lookout for lovely things and I found them!

A couple of autumn coloured leaves against a cerulean sky

Heart shaped shadow

Carn Brea through skeleton trees and russet leaves


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Teddy Bear, Carn Brea and Brodiaea

Before supper tonight at The Blue Bar we walked on the beach and passed by a Teddy Bear being hauled up the beach on a miniature surfboard.

Teddy on a surf board

Driving home from Porthtowan it is always a joy to see Carn Brea with its castle and monument.

Carn Brea with castle and Bassett Monument

A lovely friend brought me an enormous bunch of Brodiaea which are now on the hall table in a beautiful Jane Hamlyn pot.



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Bunch of Flowers, Mist and Our Littlest Live-Wire

The Sunday morning car-boot sale was small this morning as it had been raining but I found this beautiful bunch of home-grown flowers.DSCN1992

Driving home, the Bassett Monument on Carn Brea disappeared into the mist.


This afternoon L arrived with Littlest Live-Wire who was immediately at home and helping in the garden. It is a very special time indeed when Grand-babies come to visit.




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