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Mouse, Ginger Lily and Foxglove

  This photo is from last year as this year the mouse has been too quick for me to catch on camera.


Crimson, White and A Dress

The dahlias in the garden are coming into their own.

LiveWire No 4 has a new dress and bounced up the stairs away from the camera.



First photo driving home from Truro and catching the view of Carn Brea from Station Hill,  Redruth, just as the sun slipped below the horizon, on a long zoom:

Carn Brea at sunset

Then as the sky turned pink, from the back bedroom window:

Tonight’s sunset


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Join Us For Our Wedding Anniversary

We have had a beautiful day together in lovely Cornish sunshine. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner on this our 49th Wedding Anniversary! Click on any photo for the caption. Happy days to you all, my lovely readers.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Harmony

As we were having  breakfast this morning with the low winter sun coming in at the window, a drip about to drop from the tap turned reddish orange with the sunbeam. I took a dozen photos before I was able to catch this little beauty with the windowsill chives behind. As is said on The Weekly Photo Challenge page  “Of course, harmony also has a meaning outside of the world of music: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”  Here the orange against the green forms a pleasing whole for me.

tap dripping

Drip about to drop

For others in this Challenge of Harmony, please click the red link.



 Advent Candle, Star and Kantha Jacket

I love having an Advent Candle and watching it get smaller as Christmas gets closer.  

Our beautiful Danish cut-out star is ready to go up.

I plan on wearing my Kantha jacket this evening. It is made from recycled saris and gets its name from the tiny running stitches which both strengthen it and give it its design and which are called Kantha. I love the design, the colours and the fact that it has had a previous life in another country!

Kantha jacket

Kantha jacket



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Caro Emerald, Lights and A Bear

Last night we were in Plymouth at a fabulous concert by Caro Emerald. What a presence! What a band of musicians, playing at least 15 instruments between the six of them and Caro Emerald’s voice and songs – a truly fabulous evening full of music and dancing. What a thoroughly happy evening – and we stayed over in a hotel!

Driving home through the tunnel after crossing the Tamar back into Cornwall, I was taken with the lights reflected in the metallic sides of the tunnel.

Lights in the tunnel

Lights in the tunnel

We passed a cottage with a Bear over the door!

Bear Cottage

Bear Cottage




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