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Our Town, Tomatoes and New Chimney

We were in town late last night after seeing the film of the Matthew Bourne ballet, Sleeping Beauty, which was wonderful! Coming out of our lovely Art Deco theatre and with few people to distract, these beautiful buildings really stood out.

We have tomatoes, still to ripen but looking good.

Our new chimney is really beautiful, made with care and precision by Matt of Cornwall Chimneys. It’s the best chimney in our street! Thanks to Matt and Josh for their lovely work and brilliant clearing up. Photos by Matt.



Killifreth, Library and A Flag

We took a different route to Truro today and on the horizon was Killifreth, the most elegant of engine house chimneys.

This is the library, The Passmore Edwards Free Library,  where I spent many happy hours as a child and where my Dad had to ask that I have access to the ‘grown-up’ library as I had read my way through everything in the junior section!  I started with the wonderful Scarlet Pimpernel stories.

Solidarity to Ukraine in the face of more terror last night – Slava Ukraini.


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Community Roots Today

Such a lot of growing going on! I did my first two hours volunteering at home and made another bag. I arrived in time to help chop some veg for the delicious soup we shared for lunch, did some potting on of little shrubs and walked about taking photos of the amazing growth  and some of the harvest. Enjoy the gallery.


Lead-work, Bricks and A Red Bloom

Our chimney is being rebuilt and today the lead-work arrived. What a piece of beautiful craftwork.

The builder took my camera up the scaffolding to show us how far they have got – such careful and skilful work. I’ll ask for a final photo as it is finished in the next day or two.

There are lovely poppies all over the garden.




Pudding, Dove and Clock Tower

With  the Tayberries we harvested the other day, I made two individual Summer Puddings in little bowls, there not being enough for a proper sized one.  I layered the berries with some of our strawberries, a little sugar and a slice of bread on the bottom, one in the middle and one on top. Then I weighted them down and left them for a day or so. Here’s one of them with ice cream – they were both delicious!

The roofless Church at St Day is beautiful and has been so carefully restored. The Collared Dove moved from place to place over the evening.

As we left the gig the sunset sky was behind the clock tower in the village.


Carrots, Cake and A Gig

We brought home some crazy carrots the other day and I roasted them with garlic and maple syrup and they were delicious.

There were blueberries to be used up so I made a cake.

Just home from a gig in the roofless Old Church in St Day – great fun!

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Our Lane, Tayberries and The Crop

We are so lucky – we can walk into town down the lane accompanied by nothing but bird song and the rustle of leaves as the breeze brushes through.

We were given a small tay-berry plant last year and this year are delighted with the crop – and many more to come.


Solstice Sky, Reflections and A Postbox,

What a beautiful sky last night.

I’ve been working with our artist friends next door and the faces are nearing completion. Here are some of them hanging in the trees and creating beautiful reflections.

I found this photo the other day and just loved it.


Happy Days and Poppies


Happy Summer Solstice to all our friends and readers, especially our Ukrainian friends.



Community Roots Today

I made a gluten free chocolate cake for one of our volunteer’s birthdays and decorated it with flowers from the garden and M reported on the moths she had found in the moth trap this morning. There were 49 different species and  224 all together. We all love seeing them and learning their names. Lots of other work went on as well of course!


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