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Take Your Time, Mount St Helens and Happiness

This is a beautiful piece of writing and such important thoughts.

Another photo from our trip –

Mount St Helens

Relief today but now 6 weeks of uncertainty…….


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Velveteen Rabbit, Hydrangea and Autumn

I have posted this before but I love it so here it is again.

This Hydrangea is the biggest we have ever seen, as big as my head!

An Autumn leaf for you, found in Nisqually Nature Reserve near Olympia  in September.


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Hope, Lunch and A Cake

In hope of a lovely display round about New Year, I have ‘planted’ hyacinths in Mum’s beautiful old glasses.  They  are  now  in  a  dark cupboard  for the  next few weeks until  there  are  good  root  systems  to  be  seen.

We enjoyed Frittata for lunch today.

It has rained, hard, again, all day so this morning I put haloes on my new glass angels and this afternoon baked a Banana and Raisin Loaf which is very tasty.


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Surprise, Raven and Hoodoos

We’ve been doing some sorting out and came across this mug given to our son by my parents. The surprise when all the milk had been drunk was a delight to see!  D loved playing the trick on visiting friends!

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view at one of the overlooks into Bryce Canyon.

Overlooking Bryce Canyon

Later in our trip we visited The Devils Garden of the Grand Staircase Escalante in south central Utah where there are the most amazing hoodoos to wander between.

Hoodoos in The Devil’s Garden


Another Walk by the Sea

Our walk today took us from Gylly Beach to Swanpool and we were delighted to see some wild flowers still bravely putting out their flowers and lots of berries and seeds. There was quite a lot of activity on the beach and the water, even swimmers!

We wondered what this stone was telling us.

We went to find the plant we saw the other day where I showed only the beautiful seed pods. Here are the leaves in case they help with the identification.



Radio 3, Soup and Angels

We have stopped listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 in the mornings as the combative nature of the interviews and the general bad news is not contributing to our well-being. Instead we are listening to music, this morning on Radio 3, and caught the delightful  Elizabeth Alker in her Breakfast slot. One of the pieces she played was Jeanne by Georges Brassens and I loved it so thought I would share it with you here. If you’d like a translation of the words, click on this link.

Super delicious new soup for lunch, Herby Broccoli and Pea, one I shall repeat.

Herby Broccoli and Pea Soup

I’m loving making Angels for the Christmas markets. Here are the latest bunch, all foiled and ready for soldering.

More of my ‘choir’ of angels


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Painted Stone, Dyed Yarn and Cacti

We have recently been in America, driving in Arizona, Utah and Nevada seeing stunning  landscapes and meeting wonderful people.  I found this little painted stone on the wall at the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Found at The Navajo Bridge, North Arizona

The wall where I found the stone

On the way there we called in at the Cameron Trading Post where I was delighted by the display of naturally dyed yarns.

I love the cacti in Arizona!  They are Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) and are familiar from lots of films.




A Walk by the Sea

Join us for this Autumn walk in the sunshine overlooking Gyllyngvase Bay……..

Very happy to have help with identification of any of these.


Bulbs, Scent and A Film

It has been a beautiful Autumn day today, cold, bright and sunny and I spent some time planting bulbs for a beautiful Spring.  So far I have planted up four of our chimney pots. The pictures are from the packets of bulbs………..

There are just five rather raggedy and weather beaten Clematis Montana Elizabeth flowers but their scent carries right along the path.

We have been to see a brilliant and very disturbing film this evening, “Sorry We Missed You” directed by Ken Loach. There was a live streamed Q&A afterwards with Ken Loach, the writer Paul Laverty and the four main actors. That was as passionate and hard hitting as the film which you really must see if at all possible. It is a heartbreaking record of so many lives today and why we in the UK need a change of government.


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Hedgerow, Creatures and Another Sculpture

Walking home from town today along the lane it pleased me to see Passion flowers in the hedgerow, escapees from a nearby garden I am supposing.

Further along there were many Green Shield Bugs, both green and brown (Are they also Shield bugs?  – a whole family of them!

It was the sound of this sculpture, Clearing, by Antony Gormley, that I enjoyed the most. As people navigated the space, stepping over, crouching, twisting and turning, crouching and reaching, the ‘8 kilometres of square section aluminium tube’ bumped against itself and different sounds reverberated around the room.

Clearing VII 2019


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