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Masks, Wild Blooms and a Surprise.

Our town has a novel way of encouraging us to wear our masks.There are lots , one on almost every lamp-post.I’ll show you more later.  On the path up from town is a self-seeded Passion flower, still blooming.

Little Cyclamen are appearing in the Suffragette garden much to my surprise.


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Hedgerow, Creatures and Another Sculpture

Walking home from town today along the lane it pleased me to see Passion flowers in the hedgerow, escapees from a nearby garden I am supposing.

Further along there were many Green Shield Bugs, both green and brown (Are they also Shield bugs?  – a whole family of them!

It was the sound of this sculpture, Clearing, by Antony Gormley, that I enjoyed the most. As people navigated the space, stepping over, crouching, twisting and turning, crouching and reaching, the ‘8 kilometres of square section aluminium tube’ bumped against itself and different sounds reverberated around the room.

Clearing VII 2019


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Brimstone Moth, Choir Babies and Purple Passion

1   I found a beautiful yellow moth on the bedroom door frame this morning. It seems it is a Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis Luteolata.

Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata

2   The Choir-babies were a delight this morning, beginning to take an interest in each  other. T loved the bubbles!

Our Choir-babies

Bubble fun

3    I called into the Nursery on the way home looking for a purple clematis in flower now to add to our Suffragette Garden which is nearly planted up. I didn’t find one but did find this amazingly beautiful Purple Passion Flower.

Passion Flower

Side view


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First Passion Flower, Meeting and Caponata

1   The passion flower has given us a beautiful bloom at last. Yesterday’s bit of sun must have encouraged it – as it did all of us!

White Passion Flower

2   An ex-pupil of mine is on holiday in Cornwall with her partner and wanted to meet up which was really sweet of her. We had a lovely time over coffee in The Gylly Beach Cafe in Falmouth catching up after six years. What a beautiful young lady (inside and out) she is now at 22!

3   Last delicious dish made for the reunion week – Sicilian Caponata which is beautiful and very colourful, will serve as a side dish for the meat eaters and is substantial enough to be a stand-alone veggie dish when served with some tasty bread.

Sicilian Caponata


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