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Hedgerow, Creatures and Another Sculpture

Walking home from town today along the lane it pleased me to see Passion flowers in the hedgerow, escapees from a nearby garden I am supposing.

Further along there were many Green Shield Bugs, both green and brown (Are they also Shield bugs?  – a whole family of them!

It was the sound of this sculpture, Clearing, by Antony Gormley, that I enjoyed the most. As people navigated the space, stepping over, crouching, twisting and turning, crouching and reaching, the ‘8 kilometres of square section aluminium tube’ bumped against itself and different sounds reverberated around the room.

Clearing VII 2019


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Beetle, Clematis and A Poem

I found a little green beetle on my trousers as I was working in the garden this morning.

Green Shield Bug?

Our Clematis in the front garden is spectacular – this is only about half of it!


Regular readers will have seen several of cummings’ poems on here,  another today that somehow suits the Spring and the blue skies we have been having until this afternoon.

o by the by – ee cummings
o by the by
has anybody seen
little you-i
who stood on a green
hill and threw
his wish at bluewith a swoop and a dart
out flew his wish
(it dived like a fish
but it climbed like a dream)
throbbing like a heart
singing like a flameblue took it my
far beyond far
and high beyond high
bluer took it your
but bluest took it our
away beyond wherewhat wonderful thing
is the end of a string
(murmers little you-i
as the hill becomes nil)
and will somebody tell
me why people let go


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Seed Head, Basket of Flowers and Savoury Scone

1    The clematis in the front garden has lovely fluffy seed heads – and this one has a Green Shield Bug on it.

Seed head and beetle

Seed head and beetle

2   Truro’s hanging baskets are quite splendiferous this year – every turn brings another beauty.

One of Truro's glorious hanging baskets

One of Truro’s glorious hanging baskets

3   We are having a picnic with friends tomorrow and I have baked a Mary Berry recipe, a Scone Tray Bake for the shared lunch. I’ve also collected lots of beautiful salad leaves from the garden.

Peppadew and Cheddar Scone

Peppadew and Cheddar Scone – it tastes as good as it looks! I had to try a bit so that it fitted the box!



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Bugs, Bees and Raindrops

1   I found a fascinating bug on the beautifully scented Heliotrope today. He stayed for ages so I guess he liked the perfume too. I’m wondering if it is the same creature, the Green Shield bug, that is making holes in the Pansy flowers.

Pentatomidae ; Palomena prasina (Green shield bug).

Pentatomidae ; Palomena prasina (Green shield bug).

Who/what is eating the flowers?

Who/what is eating the flowers?

2   A bee that was collecting pollen this afternoon seemed to be quite drunk on what he was savouring as he turned upside-down to make sure he got every speck of yellow dust from the little blue flowers (whose name escapes me….)

Collecting nectar

Collecting nectar

3    The rain left a lovely pattern of miniature magnifying glasses on the strawberry leaves.

Strawberry leaf

Strawberry leaf



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