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Anemones, Teddies and Truro Cathedral

We went to see some very special old family friends today, old in both senses – they are in their 90’s and I have known them since I was about 7 years old.  There weren’t  enough blooms in our garden to make up the little bouquet that we usually take when we visit so we bought some beautiful locally grown Anemones, knowing that they were my Mum’s favourites but not realising they were M’s too. Both she and C were delighted with the pretty bunch and recalled how C’s Father used to grow them on his farm in Townsend  and that they both used to sit at the kitchen table bunching them up for selling. M showed us a beautiful cross stitch of Anemones that she made many years ago.

M knits Teddies for Tragedies, lovely creatures collected locally and sent around the world , “Healing and comforting children, one teddy at a time.” How beautiful is that? The lovely M insisted on giving us two of her teddies to take to Barcelona with us when we go soon to help when the expected Grand baby twins arrive.

The view of Truro Cathedral caught in sunlight, below, is the one we used to see from Mum and Dad’s place, just near where C and M live. As you can imagine, it is a most evocative view for all the family, all over the world as they are.


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Calvin and Hobbes, Wheelbarrow and Roots

I was looking for a birthday card in the store in Mum’s bureau today and came across this that I had cut out of the paper aeons ago. I love it!dscn8999

We have a new wheelbarrow!

I have brought the Hyacinths out of the fuse cupboard as they have brilliant root growth, mostly. Now in the light, the tops should develop and I should have Hyacinth flowers for my birthday, New Year’s Eve.dscn8998


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 Yellow, Kindness and A Moody Sky

On the allotments yesterday I found a yellow flower, bright in the gloom.

I’ve been busy most of the day finishing off knitting for the Grandbabies, sewing in ends and sewing on buttons so haven’t been out far. Inspired by Don, here is a moody sky that I took from the train window on the way home last week.

Above all, be kind. We don’t always know what those around us are truly feeling, what their day has been like or if they are hurting behind their smiles and their saying, “I’m fine.”


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A Day at Coach Lane Allotments …..

….. learning how to make Bio Char – just a few photos from the day.A ballerina scarecrow.Some beautiful Rainbow Chard.The delicious shared lunch of Roasted Spaghetti Squash Soup in the community shed, The Green Shed.Getting the fire raging.


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A Wedding, A Parade and the Clock Tower 

I was the Celebrant for the loveliest Humanist Wedding Ceremony today. I just love how personal and special these ceremonies are. With their permission, here are the beautiful and very happy Bride and her Husband.My choirs, The Inglehearts and The Suitcases,  sang for the Christmas lights switch on in Redruth this evening. The parade of all the local schools with their lanterns was delightful and the singing, of course, very well received! I love it when the audience also join in, especially with the much loved Cornish carols written by Thomas Merritt.Waiting for my lift after the event, the following caught my eye.It looked like eyes and golden hair. In fact, it is two faces of the town clock and the lit up underside of the viaduct.


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Reflection and John Ruskin

A quiet day today and I caught the reflection of the trees outside in a still life by Ben Jones.

John Ruskin’s words sum up my blog:

I know well that happiness is in little things.

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Sticky Pictures, Cranberries and Thanksgiving

Coming away from singing this morning, the playgroup on the ground floor had delightful toddler art work drying on the washing line.It’s Thanksgiving in America today and to feel closer to all our American family and friends we cook a Thanksgiving dinner – but not quite the real thing! This is the Cranberry sauce being made, fresh cranberries with a cinnamon stick, some soft brown sugar and a good slug of brandy.We didn’t cook a whole turkey, just a turkey breast and we didn’t cook as many vegetables as our lovely brother and Sister-in-law, just Maple glazed carrots, sprouts with shallots, chestnuts and crispy bacon, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, the cranberry sauce and delicious onion stuffing or dressing as my SIL calls it – and all with the best turkey gravy! It was a fabulous meal and it makes us very happy to be ‘sharing’ this celebration with those we love across the pond.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.


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